Lots of people love Hipchat for its collaborative team rooms, easy-to-use interface, and let’s not forget those fun emoticons! But did you know there are a myriad of ways to turn Hipchat into your one-stop productivity shop?

Thanks to the integrations that have been built on the Hipchat Connect API, you and your teams can now get more stuff done from right within the comfort of your Hipchat application.

We are calling this model of collaboration ChatOps, and we believe it’s bringing people, tools, and automation into a transparent workflow and culture. From engineering to operations, marketing and support, here are 35 new integrations that will turn Hipchat into your team command center.

Find the integrations that best suit your team:

For Software & Operations teams

Help your team manage services and stay on top of incidents, plan and build the agile way, run continuous code review with Git, and automate deployments.

Manage your services and stay on top of incidents

pig pandaBigPanda: See incident status with a description of all correlated alerts and take action from within Hipchat to view the incident’s timeline or pause updates. Connect to Hipchat


graphiteHosted Graphite: See the overall state of the infrastructure at a glance. By clicking the “Glance” inside Hipchat, the side bar changes to a filterable list of all your alerts, showing which ones are unhealthy and what the alert conditions are. Once you get an alert, you can jump right from Hipchat to a Hosted Graphite dashboard. For teams with many dashboards, there’s a quick filtering box. Connect to Hipchat

status page

Statuspage: Keep your whole company informed during downtime with automatic status updates sent directly into your rooms. Statuspage displays the full context of your status page inside of Hipchat. Use Hipchat’s discuss feature to pipe an incident card back into a room for quick communication. Connect to Hipchat



Sentry: Monitor the web’s check engine light right from Hipchat. Get alerts from Sentry with important details about the event. Then, on a click, open the  event in the sidebar for a quick glance. Connect to Hipchat



ray gunRaygun: Have real time error notifications sent instantly to your team’s chat room. View error details and decide whether to act upon the error details without leaving Hipchat. Connect to Hipchat



signal fxSignalFX: Receive alerts when your detectors are triggered, stay updated on metrics, and see the severity of alerts at a glance. Connect to Hipchat

Plan and build the agile way

blueprint Blueprint: Send comments and artifacts to Hipchat from their everyday tool. Just include @Hipchat in a comment to send a notification into Hipchat. Or @mention a particular Hipchat user to send them a notification directly. Using the Hipchat Glance view, you can quickly access any new or changed artifacts, giving teammates the ability to fully understand the changes and context in their tool of comfort. Better yet, Hipchat users can update Blueprint without ever leaving Hipchat. Commenting in Hipchat will send a message back to Blueprint with intelligent referencing of the relevant project and artifact. Connect to Hipchat 

planning with cardsPlanning With Cards: This integration allows distributed, agile teams to make accurate estimations of their work for sprint planning. All team members assess the level of difficulty of the tasks being estimated. The add-on facilitates this by preventing participants to be influenced by the rest of the team. Then, once everybody’s ready, Glance updates the view and everybody can see the results. Chat rooms are often busy and distractions may arise, so this integration lets ScrumMasters or Product owners nudge anyone who isn’t being responsive with an action inside the right glance. Connect to Hipchat

behave proBehave Pro: This integration brings Behave Pro’s User Story collaboration out of Jira Software and into Hipchat. Hipchat rooms can display a “Glance” to show the number of impeded Issues within the current sprint or Kanban board. The glance updates in real-time as team members ask and resolve User Story questions. To discuss and answer, just open the Issue and drill down into the question by clicking on the “Glance.” Connect to Hipchat

standup botStandup Bot: Standup Bot is an agile team’s best friend. Use “/standup” to record your daily standup report. Then read everyone’s reports at your convenience from the Glance view. Connect to Hipchat

Run continuous code reviews with Git

bbBitbucket: View all your open pull requests within ever leaving Hipchat. The new Bitbucket integration not only brings in pull request information but also allows you to “Poke Reviewers” to give them a reminder to review your pull requests. Connect to Hipchat

Automate Your Deployments

chefChef: List nodes from your Chef Server, show a node’s last converge time, and list cookbooks and versions in an environment. Connect to Hipchat



 Coming soon, the Puppet integration will let you initiate changes with the new orchestration capabilities in 2016.1, see those changes as they occur, and discuss them, all directly from Hipchat. Learn more

For Marketing Teams

In Marketing, keeping your finger on the pulse of your community is crucial. With new social media and customer engagement integrations, your team will always be in-the-know. Also check out integrations to help your marketing team work better together, like the new Image Editor and Lucidchart.

Sharing visuals

Adobe Image EditorImage Editor with Adobe Creative Cloud: Edit and send images without leaving your Hipchat rooms. Crop and resize, insert stickers, create memes, and enhance photos in a number of ways by adding filters, effects, frames, overlays, lighting, color, and more. Connect to Hipchat


LucidchartLucidchart: View and discuss your team’s Lucidchart flowcharts right into Hipchat. You can see all your charts neatly organized in the Glance view. Connect to Hipchat

Monitor and Engage with Social Media

notifyNotify: Know instantly in Hipchat when your brand is mentioned on social media, blogs, and search engines. Set up notifications for keywords from sources like Twitter, Reddit, Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Tumblr. Then easily take actions such as retweeting, replying or favoriting mentions on Twitter, scheduling Buffer posts, and creating Trello cards. Connect to Hipchat

RSSRSS: Enter any RSS feed and receive updates in your Hipchat room. View all your RSS updates neatly in the Glance view on the right side of your room. Connect to Hipchat



facebookFacebook: Follow people and brands on Facebook with the new Facebook integration. Get alerts about all new posts right in the Glance view in Hipchat. Connect to Hipchat



hootHootsuite: For anyone managing social media, Hootsuite is essential. Now, with the new Hootsuite integration, you can send tweets into Hipchat to share with your teammates. Connect to Hipchat

For Support Teams

zenZendesk: Bring ticket information right into your Hipchat rooms. Easily share tickets with teammates to discuss a course of action. Connect to Hipchat



smoochSmooch: Communicate with your users directly from Hipchat. Customer requests are shared in your team room, and Smooch uses Hipchat Connect’s glance view to show the customer profile. Questions and
support tickets flow into Hipchat where you can instantly share with your team and directly respond to users. Connect to Hipchat

wittifiedCallCenter by Wittified: Live call and voicemail support directly in Hipchat ensures your team will never miss an important customer call again. Connect to Hipchat



NPSNPS with SurveyMonkey: NPS for Hipchat integrates with SurveyMonkey, allowing you to use the SurveyMonkey’s time-tested NPS template. Once sent, survey results will be piped right into your Hipchat room. Connect to Hipchat

For All Teams

There are certain integrations that are helpful for every team, no matter your tasks. Check out these new integrations that help you plan better meetings, video chat with teammates, search your cloud in Hipchat, and more.

Schedule and Plan Meetings

meetorMeeteor: Meeteor helps teams have impactful meetings. Create a meeting in the Glance view, and use the content in your chat to build the agenda so that everyone understands what the meeting is about and how to prepare for it. Send the meeting invite and the integration automatically sends a notification to the room (as well as an email and calendar invite) so everyone knows the meeting was created. Connect to Hipchat

meekanMeekan: Meekan’s integration handles scheduling from within Hipchat. Meekan syncs with your calendar of choice including Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCloud calendars. Then just ask Meekan for a meeting and it will match everyone’s calendars for the optimal time. Connect to Hipchat


google calGoogle Calendar: See what meeting is currently on or is coming up next at a glance. Click on a meeting to see its details including time, attendees, location and description. Connect to Hipchat

Cloud file storage services

topdoxTOPDOX: Now you can find and share documents from your cloud services without ever leaving Hipchat. Connect to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive to bring your cloud storage and search right into your rooms. Connect to Hipchat


cloudoCloudo: Cloudo is a tool that lets you search your entire Cloud at once. With the Cloudo integration, you can easily search for any cloud file right within Hipchat. Find files from Dropbox, Trello, Evernote, Asana, Google Docs, and so many more. Connect to Hipchat

Video Services

bjnBlueJeans: The new BlueJeans integration provides free group video and screen-sharing for your entire team. Just sign up for a personal account for free to get started. Connect to Hipchat



hyfyHYFY: HYFY is a Chrome extension that lets you record and narrate your screen and share instantly into Hipchat. Videos are playable right in Hipchat so your entire team can watch and discuss without switching apps. Connect to Hipchat

Simple utilities

convergelyConvergely: The Convergely integration adds all sorts of powers to your room. Schedule messages for later, create team tasks, make polls for the room, and even annotate images. Connect to Hipchat



8a8c50f3-0f2d-404c-b604-42bd9ea660c9Alias Bot: Alias Bot makes mentioning groups of people within a room simple. Choose an Alias like “Dev Team” or “SF Office” and add teammates to it. Then just mention the Alias and all designated people will be alerted. Connect to Hipchat



f67e1e8e-c0eb-486f-8539-bbe2469ec389Atlassian Room Security by MetaCert: The MetaCert integration silently checks the reputation of links in real time, providing your rooms with an invisibly secure experience. You’ll get an alert if a link isn’t secure, preventing phishing in your team communication. Connect to Hipchat

Just for fun

Who says work can’t be a little fun? Connect these fun, new integrations to enjoy some sweet stress-relief and share a laugh with teammates.

roshamboROSHAMBO (Rock-Paper-Scissors): Settle decisions the old-fashioned way by challenging your teammates to a game of Rock Paper Scissors, to settle decisions. Use @mentions to challenge your teammates, track the top 10 players via the in-app leaderboard. Connect to Hipchat


snakeHipSnake: One of the first video games, Snake captivated the masses before your intern was even born. Now, you can add it to Hipchat rooms for a fun break from your day-to-day workflow. Teach those young whippersnappers what real gaming is about. Connect to Hipchat


koamojiKoamoji: Kaomoji is a popular Japanese emoticon style using grammar punctuation to create the emoticons of yore. Search by sentiment, or popular characters in Hipchat’s glance. Impress your team with your uncanny keystroke memory. Connect to Hipchat
There you have it, a great list of integrations to make you even more productive in Hipchat. Want even more options and ideas? Check out all the Hipchat integrations available in the Atlassian marketplace.

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