Total economic impact of Atlassian Cloud whitepaper cover

Forrester study: The total economic impact of Atlassian cloud

Executive Summary

As companies continue to embrace digital transformation and adopt agile ways of working, many find themselves taking their existing toolsets to cloud for better accessibility, higher scalability, and a more standardized way of working. For years, companies have used Jira Software and Confluence as the main components in their developer toolkit. Now, Atlassian has invested R&D into both products in cloud, resulting in improvements to productivity, scalability, and more in our cloud products.

In this study, Forrester spoke with four customers who have migrated from Atlassian’s server products to Atlassian’s cloud products to conduct a Total Economic Impact analysis, commissioned by Atlassian, and examine the potential ROI customers may realize by migrating. Forrester looked at avoidance in costs, as well as SaaS benefits such as productivity, scalability, collaboration, and more.

In this TEI study, you’ll learn:
  • A framework to evaluate potential financial impact of moving to Atlassian cloud
  • Key challenges that prompt a migration
  • Quantified benefits of migrating to cloud
  • Analysis of costs when migrating to cloud