Escape the firewall: making the move to Bitbucket Cloud

Ready to move your software development to the cloud? Understand the benefits of moving to Bitbucket Cloud from server and how to plan your migration, with Bitbucket’s Head of Product.

Every software development team knows that cloud is the future. Learn how to escape the firewall and plan your migration from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Cloud. We'll discuss the benefits of moving to Bitbucket Cloud from server and how to successfully navigate your migration.

In this webinar, join Jarred Colli, Head of Product at Atlassian to learn:

  • Why move to Bitbucket Cloud
  • Bitbucket Cloud’s roadmap
  • How to start planning for a migration to Bitbucket Cloud


Jarred Colli headshot

Jarred Colli

Head of Product, Bitbucket

Jarred spends a lot of time thinking how to improve the Bitbucket Cloud experience for end users, with a strong bias towards collaborating around code and defining workflows. You might see him pop up in our community forums answering customer questions and asking for feedback. This year, he’s been spending his spare time visiting National Parks, and has a special love for Yosemite.

Shana Vu headshot

Shana Vu

Product Marketing, DevOps

Shana 是一位产品营销人员,热衷于 DevOps 及其对各种形式和规模的团队意味着什么。她喜欢了解软件团队面临的挑战,也喜欢构建有助于应对这些挑战的内容解决方案。休息时,她一般会去 Trader Joes 逛逛、在金门漫步,或者和朋友一起去喝啤酒。