The Balancing Act: Innovation and Trust in Cloud

As customers consider and prepare for a cloud migration, there is a great emphasis on evaluating cloud options and ensuring their organizational requirements are met. For European-based customers facing strict regulatory and compliance directives, there is a special focus on balancing cloud’s potential benefits and innovative ways of working with the need to be secure and compliant. Whether you are evaluating cloud, or have questions on emerging security and compliance trends - our webinar on July 13, 2022 has got it covered. Join the conversation, with guest speaker Forrester, and featuring European-based Atlassian customers in technology and financial services industries to learn more and get your questions answered.

Join us on July 13, 2022, with guest speaker Forrester, featuring European-based Atlassian customers in technology and financial services industries who will share their assessment and experience with Atlassian Cloud.

Topics will include:

  • Industry trends and guidance on changes to regulations and privacy requirements
  • Recommendations on how to stay ahead of changes
  • Customers' experience and emphasis on assessing cloud capabilities, processes, and governance before migrating
  • How Atlassian Cloud meets security, compliance, and privacy demands within the region



Radoslav Danchev

VP of Collaboration, Workplace and User Support

Radoslav 主管的团队在 Software AG 负责端到端用户体验和 IT 服务。他的现代工作场所团队提供设备和通信装备来改善协作,最终目标是在整个组织中提供一流的用户体验。

Alexander Pelzer

Tool Administrator

Alexander is responsible for ensuring PostFinance maximizes the value of Atlassian tools, such as Jira, Confluence, and BitBucket. He manages installation and systems teams, as well as tool lifecycle management and applications.

Adrian Suter

Toolchain Engineer

Adrian focuses on how e-Collaboration tools interact with each other and how they can be integrated with other tools (like CI/CD tools) to increase collaboration across PostFinance.