Optimize your Atlassian tools: Strategies to drive lasting adoption

Discover why it’s important to consider the people side of change as much as the technical side, and the value of cultivating long-term adoption of Atlassian cloud products. Whether you’re contemplating a migration to cloud, in the midst of a migration, or already using cloud tools; this session equips you with resources and strategies to empower your users to do their best work.

In the midst of planning a cloud migration, an incredible amount of focus is placed on the technical changes. However, to realize the full value of a cloud migration, it’s important to remember a successful change is dependent on the people involved and their willingness to embrace and adopt the change.

Join us for one of our most popular sessions from Team ‘23 to learn about the importance of organizational change management and strategies to do it well. In this live recording from Team '23, Global Head of Customer Success, Gertie Rizzo and Head of Product, Enterprise Adoption & Readiness, Sarah Joshi, will cover:

  • The importance of the people side of change when rolling out any change project
  • Strategies and tools you can use to drive successful user adoption of Atlassian cloud products
  • How to leverage usage data in Atlassian Administration to better understand end user adoption patterns
  • Why you should build a network of product champions who can help propel your change plan forward and engage inactive users


Gertie Rizzo

Global Head of Customer Success

Gertie Rizzo is Head of Customer Success bij Atlassian en leidt een wereldwijd team van Customer Success Managers en Digital Customer Success Campaign Managers dat zich richt op het helpen van klanten om hun investering in Atlassian Cloud-producten optimaal te benutten. Gertie heeft een brede achtergrond met 25 jaar ervaring in services en 4 jaar in het leiden van wereldwijde Customer Success-teams. Ze is gevestigd in Tampa, FL.

Sarah Joshi

Head of Cloud Shift & Enterprise Adoption, Atlassian

Sarah Joshi is hoofd Enterprise Adoption en Cloud Shift bij Atlassian en leidt het team dat zich richt op het helpen van Enterprise-klanten om de implementatie van Atlassian Cloud-producten in hun organisaties te versnellen. Sarah heeft 14 jaar ervaring in verschillende functies op het gebied van productmanagement en klantpromotie waarbij ze software voor teams van elke omvang ontwikkelde. Sarah is ook een gecertificeerde Prosci Adoption & Change Management-trainer en -consultant, en heeft in vijf continenten teams opgeleid. Ze is gevestigd in Seattle, WA.