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De mogelijkheden die jij wilt voor de beveiliging die je nodig hebt

Neutraliseer de bedreigingen van vandaag en morgen met Atlassian Guard.

Proactively protect against data loss

Require advanced authentication

Set multiple policies to enforce controls across managed and external users.

Secure team collaboration

Enforce single sign-on and mobile app management across distributed teams.

Identify mission-critical data

Reduce the risk of data loss with data classification.

Detect and investigate suspicious activity

Uncover anomalous behavior

Examine admin activity across Atlassian cloud with audit logs.

Reduce shadow IT risk

Identify unsanctioned Atlassian products with automatic product discovery.

Prioritize high-risk threats

Understand your exposure quickly with customizable detection rules and alerts.

Respond to threats before they become incidents

Centralize alert visibility

Gain a unified view of user actions like page exports, suspicious logins, and more.

Versnelde incidentrespons

Notify security teams of potential threats within minutes with SIEM integrations.

Neutralize threats efficiently

Act on suggested remediations, like account suspension, when threats are detected.

Aan de slag met Atlassian Guard

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