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Elements of
Atlassian Access

Elements of
Atlassian Access

Meeples carrying key to a lock
Flag on global network

Atlassian Organizations & domain verification

Learn how to view and apply controls to all Atlassian accounts using an email address belonging to your company.

Key unlocking lock

SAML single sign-on

Learn how to authenticate users of Atlassian cloud products through your company's existing identity provider.

ID badge

User provisioning and de-provisioning

Automate onboarding and offboarding of users to your Atlassian cloud products.

Magnifying glass over document

Organization audit log

Learn how to view comprehensive logs of admin activity that takes place in your Atlassian cloud organization.

2 Factor authentication illustration

Enforced two-step verification

Enforce two-step verification to keep accounts secure if the password to those accounts are compromised.

Authentication Policies illustration

Authentication policies

Customize authentication settings based on a subset of users and test functionality, such as SSO, before a company-wide release.

CASB illustration

CASB integrations

Further advance security and threat detection at scale with CASB integrations, such as McAfee MVISION Cloud.

Cloud keychain with keys

API token controls

Achieve better visibility into usage of bot accounts and integrations, and improve security with API token controls.

Cloud keychain with keys

Organization insights

Use organization insights to track the adoption of Atlassian products, evaluate user security, and inform adoption decisions with data.