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Confluence Collaboration Space for Migrations

Executive summary

At Atlassian, we know that a Cloud migration is no easy task. That’s why we continue to build resources for helping you plan, track, and perform your migration. The Confluence Collaboration Space for Migrations is a comprehensive resource that provides a comprehensive view of Atlassian's recommendations and best practices for successfully migrating Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket products to the Cloud. The content in this space is organized into different phases of the cloud migration lifecycle, offering helpful documentation, informative videos, checklists, and toolkits. This space is for you, so we encourage you to edit it and use it to help plan and track your migration.

For instructions on importing the download, see how to Import a Confluence Cloud space.

Key takeaways

Collaborate with your team to complete required tasks using our detailed runbook template and additional recommendations

Stay on track with our project action plan which offers detailed milestones and helpful resources for each stage of the migration

Personalize your space by adding your migration plan, schedules, team members, and more to make it the ultimate migration hub

Access the full download

Download the confluence pages here