Inside Atlassian's journey to Data Center on AWS

Moving to AWS with Atlassian Data Center products? Learn from Atlassian's team of internal experts about how they tackled the migration and the benefits they've been able to unlock.

To help Atlassian teams around the world work better together, Atlassian's Workplace Technology team has migrated 8 Jira instances, 2 Confluence instances, and 1 Crowd instance from traditional data centers into AWS Cloudformation.

They’ve seen stability and reliability improve, and are finding it much easier to administer than their old deployments.

In this webinar, our Atlassian team will show you how they got there, and help you chart your own path to AWS. Join us for a discussion around:

  • Why we chose AWS and Cloudformation
  • What Atlassian's tech stacks look like
  • The benefits we unlocked, and challenges that we faced
  • What we built to overcome those challenges


We'll also have plenty of time for questions, so bring your challenges and prepare to share them with our team!


Denise Unterwurzacher headshot

Denise Unterwurzacher

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Atlassian

Denise Unterwurzacher travaille chez Atlassian depuis près de sept ans. Au départ, elle faisait partie de l'équipe de support, et aidait les grands clients à exécuter les apps à l'échelle de l'entreprise. Elle a ensuite passé deux ans au sein de l'équipe de développement Confluence, en se concentrant sur la stabilité à grande échelle. Elle a récemment intégré l'équipe informatique interne en tant que Technical Owner des instances critiques d'Atlassian, Jira et Confluence. Elle a contribué au succès de la migration de ces systèmes vers AWS, ainsi qu'à l'amélioration continue des services.

Brett Meehan headshot

Brett Meehan

Senior Systems Engineer, Atlassian

Brett Meehan has been with Atlassian for over 4 years, and works today as a technical lead for the Atlassian Workplace Technology team (part of Atlassian IT). Along with Denise, he worked to successfully migrate Atlassian's critical Jira and Confluence applications to AWS.