Leading Transformation Through Uncertainty: An Agile Leader’s Primer

What you’ll learn in the guide

Agility can enable faster innovation, help accelerate time to market, and improve the customer experience. But agility is not a destination. It’s an evolution. And the journey to organization-wide agility requires agile leadership.

How do you embark on the path to agility? What is your role as a leader of strategic initiatives and member of a high-performing executive team?

Our latest guide, “Leading transformation through uncertainty: an agile leader’s primer,” explains what it means to embrace agile leadership. You will learn the specific traits, beliefs, and behaviors that can spark change across your organization. You will be armed with concrete to-dos and not-to-dos. You will learn about agility practices and pitfalls. You may even chuckle a little.

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Why agility is a mindset shift for the leader

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How the agile leadership style can spark and sustain change

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The agile leader's traits, beliefs and behaviors, and how to embrace them

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The pitfalls to avoid on your journey to agility