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Growing in the cloud? Four ways Atlassian cloud helps you scale, from any size to enterprise.

Executive Summary

Companies today are moving to a cloud-first approach faster than ever. In fact, according to a study by McKinsey, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed many enterprises to migrate to a cloud-first approach in as little as 23 days. Enterprise spend on cloud services is also steadily increasing, and in 2020, over 90 percent of companies said they expected to exceed their planned cloud usage for the year due to the pandemic, according to a Flexera survey.

As enterprises migrate more of their systems to the cloud, they should also be aware of four critical challenges they may face in adopting a cloud-first approach and how to effectively sidestep them.

Enterprises need strong cybersecurity management in the cloud

Every IT professional has shuddered when watching a large-scale data breach play out in the news. The ensuing repercussions — from lost consumer trust to outsized penalties — are any enterprise’s nightmare. According to McAfee, however, one in two companies that use cloud services have experienced at least one security breach. For any enterprise migrating its systems to the cloud, protecting consumer data and proprietary information is a non-negotiable requirement.

Growing organizations need enterprise cloud solutions that scale

Once enterprises have laid a foundation for cloud security, they need to ensure that the systems they put in place on top of it are actually scalable across their organization. Yet the average enterprise uses a total of 1,200 cloud tools across its various teams, according to Cisco. The ensuing cloud sprawl can leave employees scrambling for scattered information, frustrated at the lack of collaboration and stuck in a culture of silos. To grow while maintaining a culture of transparency and collaboration, organizations need to pare down the number of niche disparate tools they use and instead embrace centralized solutions and tech stacks that scale.

IT managers need centralized software governance and control

In recent years, IT manager roles have shifted from bug monitoring and maintaining on-prem software to more strategic tasks. Today, IT managers are often involved in purchasing software, ensuring security across an ever-growing suite of cloud products, and governing an enterprise’s diverse systems. As a result, IT teams must tackle competing priorities with a limited budget. To succeed, they require centralized software tools that can provide them with organization-wide visibility and control. These solutions allow managers to save time, scale their effectiveness, and focus on the tasks that truly affect an enterprise’s bottom line.

Growing teams require flexible solutions for their unique use cases

A centralized solution provides increased visibility, collaboration, and transparency, but to serve its purpose, it also needs to provide diverse use cases across an enterprise-level organization. Despite what many software tools will promise, no singular solution can solve every team’s needs. But instead of simply adding more disconnected tools to your tech stack, the answer is to find a solution that can be customized with second- and third-party apps and integrations. That way, employees continue to have the cross-team visibility and collaboration they need while also enjoying the specific tools they require to do their jobs.

Learn to scale safely in the cloud

Deciding to expand your cloud footprint can be intimidating, and the move does entail some challenges. However, when carried out correctly, it can also accelerate enterprise growth, increase collaboration and transparency, and strengthen existing security.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

The common challenges you’ll face when migrating more of your systems to the cloud

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What to look for when considering cloud platform solutions

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How to protect against cybersecurity threats and scaling challenges

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How Atlassian’s Premium and Enterprise cloud plans ensure collaboration and security at scale