How Trello Can Save Your Team 7,500+ Hours A Week

According to a 2020 study by Automation Everywhere, the average office worker spends over three hours a day completing time-consuming, repetitive tasks—from sending stakeholders project updates to dealing with data entry. That means if you have at least 500 employees working at your company, they’re collectively wasting 7,500+ hours during a typical workweek. These alarming figures highlight just how critical it has become for enterprise decision-makers to find simple, savvy ways to automate their internal processes.

ln this free webinar, our Product Team will demonstrate how you can use Trello Enterprise's workflow automation tools and templates to streamline your teams' workflow processes in real-time, including how to:

  • Use automation to boost collaboration between teams
  • Automate manual tasks so that you never miss a deadline or a project update
  • Find process improvement opportunities to reduce bottlenecks and the opportunity for human error 

Find out why over one million teams do their best work with Trello—it’s the productivity experience your teams are asking for.


Victor Dronov headshot

Victor Dronov

Principal Product Manager, Trello Enterprise

Victor é gerente de projetos principal do Trello Enterprise, impulsionando melhorias de produtos para administradores e usuários finais que usam o Trello para colaborar em grande escala. Antes do Trello, ele estava promovendo melhorias de produtos para o Statuspage na Atlassian. Fora do trabalho, ele faz longas trilhas nas montanhas de Sierra Nevada ou cria estratégias ao redor de sua coleção de chapéus estilo Western.

Zach Marcoulier headshot

Zach Marcoulier

Enterprise Advocate, Trello Enterprise

Zach faz parte da equipe de vendas do Trello Enterprise, responsável por colaborar com os clientes para entender melhor como a ferramenta pode elevar as equipes deles. Fora do trabalho, Zach pratica e compete jiu-jítsu brasileiro, visita restaurantes locais e torce com animação por suas equipes esportivas de Boston.

Erika Storli headshot

Erika Storli

Product Marketing Manager, Trello Enterprise

Erika is part of the Trello Product Marketing team, eager to empower teams to manage their work in the most productive and collaborative ways on Trello Enterprise. Outside of work, you can find her exploring new cities and going on long walks with her adopted dog Benji.