Organize your IT projects with Jira Core

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Deliver your IT projects on time

IT teams use Jira Core for to manage small and large IT projects such as:

Hardware and software project rollouts

Process and documentation reviews

Office moves

Manage IT projects

Track your most simple to complex IT projects, from gathering requirements to execution, so that all steps are tracked and visible for all team members.

Boards are available in Jira Core Cloud only. 

Be in the know

Monitor and standardize IT processes

Standardize IT processes and procedures to avoid any known pitfalls such as security or data management fails. Workflows, task details and minute details are accounted for so that projects are properly implemented.

Measure IT team performance

Stakeholders can check the progress of various aspects of the projects, by status, time, and other factors so they can analyze what's been done and what needs to be done to improve their IT team performance.



Be organized

Use Jira Core for all your IT tasks

Business templates

Defining your IT processes in Jira Core makes it easier to execute current and future IT project initiatives. No need to re-create the wheel.

Task details

Don't sweat the details. All the information, such as specs, plans and vendor details, that you need to execute a task is there so that you can focus on the real work.


Not at your desk to receive notifications? You can also get @mentions on your phone with the Jira for mobile app so your team members know when they are needed.


Take a look back on what's been done with dashboards and reports to help your team with their retrospectives and made decisions to create operational efficiencies.

Gilt, YP, BlackRock, Splunk, and Spotify

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