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You already know teams do their best work with an efficient, customized workflow structure that makes day-to-day tasks and projects easier. You should also know this: With the right Trello training, business teams like yours can connect better, become more purpose-driven, and stick with your company longer.

If your org invests in Trello, we want every user on every team to use our visual work management tool to make the most of every feature—from keyboard shortcuts to label basics. Our free online learning path for Trello fundamentals through Atlassian University will educate, upskill, and pin an achievement badge to every chest. And, of course, it will help everyone get the most out of Trello.

The loss from poor collaboration at work could be as high as $542 billion globally, with as much as 85% of employee time wasted on inefficient collaboration.

Grow team motivation and loyalty with Trello training

According to LinkedIn Learning’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report: The Transformation of L&D, “cultivating a culture of internal mobility means giving employees access to on-the-job learning opportunities.” The report found that companies that excel at internal mobility are able to retain employees for an average of 5.4 years; nearly twice as long as companies that struggle with it.

Research by Gartner from 2018 also shows that employee motivation flourishes when they connect the skills they need to develop for their organization and their own personal growth. “Rather than just communicating skills requirements, employees need to understand how they can personally grow by developing the skills the organization needs.”

From project management to running meetings to a brainstorm with a distributed team, Trello excels at repeatable work tasks. Give employees a chance to get the hang of the software now, and they tuck a trick up their sleeve for tomorrow. Help them impress a future manager with an essential tool for remote collaboration, a new process, and a new way to think, plan, and execute any project.

Share how (and why) your organization uses Trello

Provide a shared understanding of your overall tech stack and Trello’s place in it. Come to an agreement as a team on how you’ll use Trello—and the other software investments you’ve made—to get work done. Sound like a tall order? We’ve got you covered.

Check out this free Working Agreements play from Atlassian’s Team Playbook—a collection of effective team workshop resources. Each one is time-tested by Atlassian to manage 4,000+ employees across five continents, and it’s yours to use anytime. You can use Working Agreements to avoid awkward misunderstandings. Use it to set social contracts, or theme the agreement around systems instead. This customizable Trello template can also help you get started with your teams.

Connect your workforce with collaborative intelligence

What is collaborative intelligence (CI)? It’s a system of working that centers around three ideas:

  1. Collaboration design helps teams innovate with technology and intention.
  2. Collaboration insights measure and improve collaboration with data.
  3. Collaboration spaces create physical and online spaces where teams can connect.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) defines collaborative intelligence as a systematic approach to better connect your team. “Your organization can’t afford to have a disconnected workforce,” it states. “In a disconnected organization, innovation grinds to a halt. Individuals’ and teams’ great insights get trapped in silos. Employees feel stifled—unheard and disengaged.”

MURAL’s report, The Principles of Collaborative Intelligence, finds that the loss from poor collaboration at work could be as high as $542 billion globally, with as much as 85% of employee time wasted on inefficient collaboration.

Lean on Trello as a pillar in your strategy toward collaborative intelligence. Teamwork and management tools instill a shared sense of purpose, collaboration, and innovation. We can help your organization thrive with a digital, inclusive, and flexible “common space.” HBR finds that “a physical, digital, or hybrid common space encourages dynamic communication, getting past the limitations of email, documents, and chats for seamless collaboration in real-time or across time zones.”

Give teams a solid foundation with Trello training

In 3 Ways Education Services Can Advance The Customer Journey: The Art and Science of the Customer Journey, the Research Technology and Services Industry Association found that trained software users are:

  • 68% more likely to use a product more
  • 56% more likely to use more features and functions
  • 87% more likely to work independently without needing help via a ticketing system

What might that look like for your teams using Trello? Everyone can access leading learning methodologies for all of Trello’s fresh-off-the-press features and capabilities. Get your squad up to speed with the free 90-minute Trello Fundamentals course. Atlassian University puts the “fun” in Trello Fundamentals.

Free Trello training for business: connect and collaborate better with teams