From hiring to onboarding to culture-building, you and your HR team have a lot on your plates. 

But, nearly every single responsibility comes back to this core purpose: Finding the right people for the right roles and creating an environment where they’re able to do their best work. 

It’s an important job, but what about you and your team? When you spend so much time focused on others and the success of the broader organization, how can you ensure that your entire HR department is set up for success too? 

Here’s our answer: Trello. With the right Power-Ups, templates, and features, your HR team will have everything they need to manage their overflowing plates without so much stress.

Supercharge Your Entire Team With These Power-Ups

Think of a Power-Up as a way to take your Trello board to the next level. Power-Ups provide additional features by integrating other apps directly with your Trello board. 

And the best part? They’re free to all users and easy to access and install. You just need to explore your options, click “add” on the Power-Up you want, and then select the Trello board(s) it should be added to. 

Yep, it’s really that simple. The hardest part is choosing which ones will help you and your HR team most. Don’t worry—we have a couple of ideas for you.

1. Wishlist Power-Up

Maybe you need to pick out some more branded company swag to welcome new hires. Or, perhaps you’re in the process of purchasing a new tool for team members to offer praise and recognition to each other. 

Regardless of the specifics, you have future purchases that you need to keep track of—and the Wishlist Power-Up for Trello can help. 

Add this Power-Up to save product information (like price, links, and images), flag items as bought, and even calculate the total price for a set of products from within Trello. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re getting what you need—all while sticking to your budget, of course.

2. Jotform Power-Up

Let’s say you want to give employees the option to submit ideas for something. Maybe it’s resources they’d like you to create for your company knowledge base or even a suggestion for a fun company tradition they’d like to see started.

Of course, you might pick up on some of those contributions during in-person discussions or team meetings. But, to foster a culture where that type of input is always welcomed (and even encouraged), try using Trello’s Jotform Power-Up. 

Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder allows you and your HR team to create intuitive forms within a couple of minutes (without technical know-how or endless cursing at your computer screen). And, with the Power-Up, you can build, share, and use your forms without leaving your Trello card.

Save Time With These Templates

Every day is different when you work in HR, but even so, there are some tasks that follow a tried and true process.

When that’s the case, why waste precious time and energy reinventing the wheel? The right template can not only save you hours, but also reduce errors and increase consistency. Here are a few that are sure to make your HR team’s eyebrows perk up.

1. Recruiting Pipeline Template

It seems like hiring has never been more competitive. In fact, research found that recruiting was the top concern HR professionals cited for 2021. 

To set your company apart and land the best talent for your open positions, you need a reliable and streamlined process in place. This template helps you manage your entire recruiting pipeline—from future needs to closed positions—within Trello. 

You can attach job descriptions to cards, create template cards for positions, and even set up copyable checklists for the steps required to fill an open role. It’ll help your entire team move from initial job ads to signed offer letters without any chaos or confusion.

2. Employee Manual Template

Gone are the days when you’d hand employees a thick booklet that would undoubtedly collect dust in a random desk drawer. Especially as more and more teams move to flexible or hybrid models, you need an employee manual that’s fit for the workforce of today. 

Enter the Employee Manual Trello template. There are dedicated columns and cards to cover all of the important information your new hires need—from their benefits to what to do on their first day. 

You can also provide additional context by attaching documents and other resources directly to Trello cards using whatever storage service (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box) that your team already relies on.

3. Onboarding Process Template

Effective onboarding sets the tone for a successful relationship with your company. But unfortunately, research from Gallup found that only 12% of employees strongly agreed that their companies did a solid job of onboarding new hires. 

It can be tough to strike the right balance between sharing the necessary information (processes and paperwork aren’t exactly anybody’s idea of a great time) and engaging your new hires, but this template can help. 

It covers everything from tool setup to personalized emails, and will also give your entire HR team visibility into where each hire is in the onboarding process. 

To put it simply, it takes care of the nuts and bolts so you can focus on what matters the most: ensuring that every single new employee feels welcomed, supported, and empowered.

Boost Clarity With These Features

Even without Power-Ups and templates, Trello can help your HR team streamline your workflows and have better visibility into the work that’s being done—especially if you make use of these features.

1. Calendar View

Trello’s Calendar view gives you a bird’s-eye view of your HR team’s workload by plotting your Trello cards on—you guessed it—a calendar.

Whether you want to see what upcoming culture-building activities are scheduled or the date each new hire is starting, Calendar view will use the due dates assigned to your cards to organize them into an easy-to-reference schedule.

You can also see any labels, members, or checklists that are added to each card, right from the calendar. Heads up that you’ll need a Trello Premium subscription to access Calendar view.

2. Advanced Checklists

Sometimes you need your Trello cards to be even more granular. For example, you might have a card and final due date dedicated to the project of rolling out a new employee portal. But, there are tons of smaller tasks and milestones that need to happen on the way to that finish line. 

With a Premium subscription, you can access Advanced Checklists. You’ll create a checklist as you normally would, but can then assign members and due dates to each individual checklist item. 

It keeps your entire HR team on track and ensures that nothing gets lost in the daily hustle and bustle.

Help Everybody Do Their Best Work (That Means Your Team Too)

As an HR professional, you spend most of your time creating and maintaining a work environment where everybody can succeed. That shouldn’t just apply to everybody else in your company—it should apply directly to you and your HR team too. 

Fortunately, Trello is the companion you need to boost visibility, streamline your workflows, reduce confusion, and save time. 

It’ll help you and your HR team work together more effectively and efficiently—which makes it even easier for you to better serve your entire organization.

The Trello power-ups, templates, and features that every hr team needs