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Whether your brand makes custom tie-dyes or you’re a leading project management platform, you need your sales team operating smoothly and efficiently. Trello for sales teams is flexible, accessible, and affordable. And while you can craft the perfect workflow that uniquely works for your team, you can also get started quickly with a best practice workflow in just a few clicks.

By combining Trello’s Power-Ups, integrations, and templates with some deceptively simple features, your sales teams can spend more time creating happy customers, driving business, and less time tracking work.  

Unclog Your Pipeline With Power-Ups For Sales

With Trello, Power-Ups are your best friend. They’re key to get your tools to fit the uniqueness of how your team works—not the other way around. There are 100+ Power-Ups available that unlock key sales integrations (such as a CRM) or enable new features to manage work.

Best of all, Power-Ups are easy-to-use and free to enable on any board (note: some Power-Ups may require a fee or subscription to that service) in just a few clicks. These three are some of the favorite Power-Ups for busy sales teams.

1. The Crmble CRM Power-Up

Crmble is one of those rare tools that’s both powerful and easy to use. This cleverly-named CRM was designed and built to be used exclusively with Trello. Install the Crmble Power-Up on a Trello board for a nimble CRM built around Trello’s list-and-card format. 

This gives you a familiar, easy, and accessible way to manage your customer relationships. Each list becomes a stage in your sales pipeline, and each card represents a lead. Contact info fields are also set up automatically to help you quickly get started. 

Crmble offers several other useful features, like detailed reporting for visualizing leads in real time and key integrations (deliciously called Toppings).

Crmble is a fully functional and accessible CRM solution. But it’s not the only option, which brings us to our next Power-Up.

2. The Salesforce CRM Power-Up For Trello

For those using Salesforce, this Power-Up brings vital data and details from Salesforce directly into your Trello workflow. Your sales team can spend less time context switching between apps and more time closing deals. 

The Salesforce Power-Up gives you the ability to pull in information about leads, contacts, and cases, and add them directly to your Trello cards. Sales managers then benefit from a birds-eye view of pipeline health, and multiple ways to check in on important details. 

Salesforce is one of the most popular—and powerful—CRM solutions on the market, and the Power-Up lets you tie in Salesforce directly into where your work is happening. With 25K satisfied Trello users already taking advantage of this Power-Up, it’s an easy productivity win for many sales teams.

3. The Pipedrive CRM Power-Up

Pipedrive is another powerful, yet simple, CRM. It bills itself as “designed by salespeople, for salespeople.” The Pipedrive Power-Up continues the theme of bringing your sales data to the same place as your other work, minimizing the disruptive back-and-forth between apps. 

With the Power-Up installed, every time you start, close, or move a deal to a new stage in your pipeline in Pipedrive, a new Trello card is created automatically. This versatile tool also lets you pull info from Pipedrive onto other Trello cards, which helps facilitate handover from sales to other teams as deals close.

Now, let’s go beyond the integrations enabled by Power-Ups to talk about tried-and-true sales workflows your team can copy in just a few clicks.

Start Strong With These Trello Board Templates For Sales

Our template gallery features proven workflows from our community. This gives you access to tried-and-true workflows that are actually used by other sales teams—all for free.

Check out our template gallery to get started. Pick your favorite, copy it, and in just a few clicks you’ll be ready to go!

1. CRM & Sales Pipeline by Crmble

The fine folks that create the Crmble Trello Power-Up also put together the CRM & Sales Pipeline by Crmble board template to pair perfectly with your CRM.

Crmble offers a whole suite of templates geared towards different teams, from sales, to customer support, to hiring and recruiting. We’re most interested in the CRM & Sales Pipeline, which is—you guessed it—aimed at sales teams. It offers everything you need to build a robust sales pipeline right in your Trello board, including:

  • Enhanced lead tracking and team visibility
  • Real-time performance of board activity
  • Contact details and history in sharable Trello cards
  • Automatic lead creation from cards connected with Google Forms, Facebook, Typeform, and more

2. Customer Onboarding Template

Once you’ve landed a new customer, you’ll want to onboard them to ensure their success—and drastically increase the likelihood you’ll retain their customer loyalty. This Customer Onboarding template, created by the Trello team, helps you do just that. It turns your Trello board into an onboarding pipeline for providing actionable tasks and sharing critical resources with customers

Like all Trello templates, it’s also highly customizable and offers built-in integrations with the Crmble and Salesforce CRM Power-Ups. If you already have an onboarding process, you can easily tailor the lists to match. And if you don’t have one, the template provides a perfect place to start

3. The Sales Pipeline Template For Basic Tracking

If you’re starting a sales pipeline process from scratch, then the Sales Pipeline template from Scan2CAD is ideal for businesses looking for help on where to start. It offers a basic layout with lists for notes and the stages of a sales pipeline which you can customize as needed. 

It also comes with instructions on how to fill out your cards and suggested uses of lists to get the best results.

Work Efficiently With These Trello Features For Sales Teams

Some of the best features of Trello don’t even require Power-Ups and templates to use—they’re built right into the platform. All Trello boards are jam-packed with useful tools right out of the box. Try using the following features that are favorites of sales teams.

1. Map View To Visualize And Plan Locations And Routes

Trello has added some excellent views to complement the traditional board perspective. Among these, Map View—available to Trello Premium and Trello Enterprise customers—enables you to quickly and easily visualize all your Trello cards as locations on a map. This tool is super useful for teams and workflows that involve physically being somewhere, such as outside sales teams, field services, or real estate agents.

Simply use the “Location” button on the back of your Trello card to add an address, and then toggle Map View from the View menu to see all your locations plotted on a map. Now, your Trello board has turned into a trusty companion on the road, enabling you to efficiently plan a day of sales meetings, locate prospects in a given geo, or anything else your sales process needs.

2. Built-in Automation For Sales

What’s better than a streamlined, easy-to-use sales pipeline? An automated, streamlined, easy-to-use sales pipeline. That’s where Butler Automation comes in. Butler is Trello’s no-code automation tool, and it makes creating automated workflows within your sales team Trello Board a piece of cake.

Here are just a few things that Butler automation can do:

  • A completed checklist can move a deal to “Done” and trigger an “Approved” message to all teams.
  • Stakeholders such as legal or finance can be asked for input automatically at any stage via Slack or any other linked app.
  • As projects move from stage to stage, such as lead, to onboarding, to maintenance, stakeholders can be added and removed automatically to save team time.
  • Butler learns as you use it, and will suggest automations to remove steps and save you time.

For many teams, using Butler Automation feels almost like having an extra team member. Try these tips to get started unlocking even more productivity from your sales team.

Share Trello With Your Sales Team

Your sales team drives the success of your company—but what drives the success of the sales team? With Power-Ups, templates, and features designed to streamline the “work about work”, your sales team instead can focus on capturing more leads, closing more deals, and building stronger customer relationships. 

How to use Trello for sales: features, templates, and power-ups for successful teams