Work from home bingo game

Remote work can be exhausting if you don’t have the right habits. It’s hard to stay motivated without the buzz of the office around you. It’s easy to work too much and forget to take essential breaks.

Of course, you’ve read up on work from home tips and tricks, but why not have a little fun gamifying your work from home experience? A few weeks ago, I created this remote work bingo game to make staying healthy and productive just a little bit easier. Play along with us! You can download the bingo card here and print it out or save it to your desktop.

How to play: When you complete one of the tasks on the board, mark it out. When you’ve got Bingo, which is 5 completed squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line, share it with us @Atlassian using the hashtag #embraceremote. Can you fill in the whole board and get blackout?

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Make working from home fun (yes, really)