When incidents occur, the key to a fast resolution is seamless communication. Traditionally, folks would gather in a “war room” – a room with four walls that served as a gathering place for various teams to solve high-impact problems. As incident management modernizes, teams are more dispersed, and therefore need a higher-tech way to assemble. Opsgenie developed the Incident Command Center (ICC) with exactly this in mind. 

Opsgenie’s ICC breaks down silos between teams that can delay incident resolution – it’s a modern-day answer to the traditional war room. From the interface, you can access everything needed for team and stakeholder communication and remediation, all in one place. And now, thanks to our partnership with Zoom, you can also use your preferred method of video conferencing. 

You can now use your existing Zoom account for video conferencing in the ICC. Previously, incident responders used the native conference bridge functionality in the ICC for video chat. Now, customers have the choice to either use the native bridge or integrate their Zoom account with the ICC. 

Given both companies’ laser focus on collaboration and opening channels of communication, it only makes sense to integrate Zoom into Atlassian’s Opsgenie ICC. 

“Zoom is excited that our video conferencing solution is now available in Opsgenie’s Incident Command Center. Opsgenie and Zoom share a passion for creating tools that bring teams together to get work done. With this new integration, our shared customers will be able to collaborate quickly to respond to and resolve incidents before they impact customers.” – Laura Padilla, Head of Global BD and Channel at Zoom Video Communications

The ICC is part of the Incident Management and Enterprise Communications feature set in Opsgenie’s Enterprise Plan. Once Zoom is connected to your Opsgenie account as a conferencing option and included in the Incident Template when you click into the ICC, your Zoom room will spin up in a new window. 

For more information about how to get set up, check out our community post.  You can also see our listing in the Zoom Marketplace – be sure to choose the appropriate app for your region. 

Zoom is now available in Opsgenie’s Incident Command Center