Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is becoming a standard process in organizations that embrace agile development. CI/CD tools like Bitbucket, Bamboo and Jenkins can help by automating many of the build and deployment steps. However, there are still situations where human intervention is required and Opsgenie can make sure the right responders are notified to take quick action.

Whether your developers and ops folks are one in the same (DevOps) or still working in more traditional roles, there are some key events that need to be handled well to keep the CI/CD pipeline running smoothly.

As a developer, you want to be notified right away when a build fails in the CI/CD tool so that you can quickly respond and fix the issue that caused the failure. A broken build can hold up testing or block other developers from completing their work. This could result in expensive project delays. Timely notification is key to getting the deployment back on track.

On the other hand, testers want to be notified when a build succeeds. In this case, it’s the testing phase that’s holding up the release and the right people need to be notified quickly. Automated testing is making this scenario less prevalent, but many organizations still have a quality gate that is manually approved.

Operations engineers need to be notified of various CI/CD events depending on the release workflow of the particular organization. If there are any manual steps or approvals needed in the deployment pipeline, the Ops team needs to take action quickly so as not to hold up the release.

In some cases, the Ops team is notified when a build is successful so that the team can start preparing and deploying infrastructure to support the release. In other scenarios, the infrastructure deployment is automated and the Ops team only needs to be notified if the automation fails. In either case, the Ops team needs a way to easily create a bug ticket for the Dev team if anything goes awry. That issue should then be routed to the right developer or on-call engineer for quick resolution.

Opsgenie aggregates and manages alerts from CI/CD tools, application monitors and other sources so that developers and operations teams can respond to issues and minimize downtime.

The Opsgenie Plugin for Jenkins forwards Jenkins build alerts to Opsgenie. Opsgenie determines the right people to notify based on on-call schedules– notifies via email, text messages (SMS), phone calls, and iOS & Android push notifications, and escalates alerts until the alert is acknowledged or closed. The newest version of the plugin (v1.8) allows you to trigger the Opsgenie step function for each pipeline stage and send updates to Opsgenie. Learn more here.

Opsgenie also features support for Atlassian Bitbucket and Bamboo for alerting and notifications, as well as other DevOps tools like Travis CI and Circle CI.

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