Opsgenie Edge Encryption is a new feature that makes it easy to secure sensitive data and meet compliance requirements while using Opsgenie for alerting and incident management. Edge Encryption secures data before it leaves your environment, you manage the encryption keys, and the experience is seamless for users. Atlassian has no access to the encrypted data and neither do potential attackers.

Data privacy requirements and security concerns mean that companies need to perform due diligence when using cloud service providers. At Atlassian we’re serious about security, and we provide a number of resources to help customers understand our key security practices. However, we also know that even with these resources available, the compliance process can still be a burden when using cloud-based applications.

Edge Encryption helps meet compliance regulations and provides additional peace of mind by encrypting data before sending it to the Opsgenie platform. The Edge Encryption app is installed in your on-prem or cloud network. You provide and manage the keys that encrypt and decrypt your data. When users want to view information in Opsgenie, the data is transmitted back to the Edge Encryption app for decryption before it’s displayed to the user.

We’re excited to announce that Edge Encryption is now available in early access mode. We need beta testers to try out the features and give us feedback. If you’re interested, please keep reading below.

How To Use Edge Encryption

1. Download, install and configure the Edge Encryption application on your own server
2. Generate and save your encryption keys
3. Configure your alert source to send alerts to the Edge Encryption URL instead of to Opsgenie
4. Continue using Opsgenie the way you normally do

Alert payloads that are forwarded from the Edge Encryption app will be encrypted except for the message, priority, tags and alias fields. Opsgenie routing and escalation rules will operate using the unencrypted fields only.

When users click to view alert details, they may briefly see “Decrypting…” displayed in place of the encrypted alert fields in the user interface. This message is only displayed momentarily while the data is relayed back to the Edge Encryption app. User impact is minimal.

Alert data forwarded by Opsgenie to other 3rd-party integrations, like chat or ticketing systems, will remain encrypted except for the fields noted above. The Opsgenie Marid server can be used to relay data back to the Edge Encryption app if additional decrypted fields are needed in the 3rd-party integration.

Still interested? Please contact the Opsgenie support team via the blue chat icon to request early access to Edge Encryption.

Opsgenie expands security options with Edge Encryption add-on