Marid is a lightweight application that provides:

  • Opsgenie integration for systems that are not accessible from the public internet
  • Ability to run local scripts triggered by Opsgenie
  • Deployment on-premises or in the cloud

Marid integrates with a number of monitoring and ITSM tools, allowing Opsgenie to send actions back to keep various toolsets in sync across the organization. Marid also hosts Groovy and Ruby scripts that can be executed remotely.

Advantages of Marid


Marid enables bidirectional integration to internal systems without opening inbound ports on the firewall or virtual private cloud (VPC). Data-in-transit is secured with industry-standard HTTPS/TLS encryption, and Marid supports the use of proxy servers.


Using Opsgenie Heartbeat Monitoring, Marid can be configured to periodically send heartbeats to the Opsgenie platform. An alert is created, routed, and escalated accordingly, so that the right people are notified if the Marid server becomes unavailable for any reason.


Send Opsgenie actions back to internal systems without installing agents on each and every monitoring server. Marid is easy to deploy, and its lightweight design reduces system overhead and maintenance costs.


Marid allows users to extend the Opsgenie incident management platform through custom actions. Groovy and ruby scripts stored in Marid can be executed remotely from Opsgenie in response to an alert. Customers can tailor these scripts to meet a variety of use cases like enriching alerts with geolocation, attaching files, pinging a host, or restarting a server.

Jira Server integration

One great use for Marid is integrating Opsgenie with on-prem Jira Server deployments. Configuration is straightforward:

  1. On the Jira Integration screen check the box for “Send via Marid.”
  2. Install the Opsgenie Marid utility on machine with access to your Jira server.
  3. Edit the .conf file to include your Jira URL and credentials.

Detailed instructions can be found in the Opsgenie documentation.

With Jira integrated through Marid, you can use the Opsgenie prebuilt scripts to create and update issues in Jira from Opsgenie. For example, when an alert is acknowledged in Opsgenie, Marid can automatically change the Jira issue to “In Progress.” You can also write your own custom scripts that run on Jira in response to actions taken in Opsgenie.

A closer look at Opsgenie’s Marid