There are two analyst reports out this week highlighting Atlassian’s efforts:
The first, from IDC, highlights 10 “innovative applications companies to watch under $100M”, and calls out Atlassian as one of the 10. W00t!!

In an effort to highlight applications vendors with revenues of less than $100 million who are adapting and innovating around current shifts in the software market, IDC has identified ten innovative applications companies under $100M to watch.

Read IDC’s press release here. Our congratulations to the other nine. We’re in good company!
We’re excited and grateful for the recognition. We’ve worked hard over the past seven years to create a different kind of enterprise software company:

  • Upfront pricing on our website that won’t break the bank.
  • Great software sells itself. We’ve never had a traditional sales force, instead letting our software convince you.
  • A commitment to freaking awesome support!
  • We let customers vote on new features and help us decide what goes into each release. How many software companies can say that?
  • We’ve donated over $12 million in licenses given away to Open Source and Non Profit Communities.

And don’t forget all of the cool things we’re doing in product development: From creating a one-of-a-kind hosted development suite, Jira Studio, to fully embracing Open Social in the enterprise, we are on the forefront of innovation.
And of course, we’re nothing without our infamous values!

Additionally, Gartner released their Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. We’re never quite sure how these things work, but we’re again grateful for the recognition. Gartner called out Atlassian as a challenger – presumably challenging the big guys like Microsoft and IBM in the leader’s quadrant – and our position improved over last year’s quadrant.
The report writes:

Atlassian is a Challenger because it has demonstrated the ability to penetrate a global market with its popular wiki functionality…

Atlassian has a straightforward sales process that relies more on transparency and Web distribution than on a traditional sales force.

We’re honored to be recognised for strong product vision, ability to execute and increasing market presence. But as the recent release of Jira 4.0 and the pending releases of Confluence and Jira Studio show, we’ve only just begun.

Atlassian named ‘Innovative Company to Watch’