Halp’s recipe builder is a powerful way to plug Slack-specific automation into your workflow. Now you can sync Halp tickets with different integrations based on recipes, send specific requests to private channels for multiple teams, escalate a ticket based on status, and many more! We make it easy to automate your workday and make not just your employees happy but customers too.

Halp’s recipe builder is a powerful way to plug Slack-specific automation into your workflow. We offer several different configurations of triggers and actions that can reduce operational overhead, automate repeatable tasks, and reduce context switching. We’re big believers of Slack’s motto “Where work happens” and aim to empower IT & support teams who are supporting internal requests to kick off workflows right from within Slack. Here are some recipes that we’ve either built internally or have seen our customers come up with (y’all are so savvy, damn!). You’re able to chain these recipes together so that one will trigger another, in the same way that salt and fat amplify flavor in a dish 🍲, Halp’s recipe builder is a melody of yummies leading to one common goal—efficiency and delight 🎉. We’re constantly looking for new triggers and actions that would halp your team be more efficient in Slack. If you have a suggestion on a new recipe feature, we’d love to hear about it at support@halp.com.

Quick Assign to Agent:

In our Slack, we’ve uploaded custom emojis of each our our agent’s faces and have wired them up to set that ticket’s assignee. Example:

✉️ + 😭 + 🆘 + 📞 = 🎫 & 🧔

Quick Status Update:

In our Slack we have emoji triggers set up to quickly set a status. You can achieve this in the Edit Ticket dialog, but emojis are just more fun (and cooler, duh)!

😟 🏊♂️ 💩 + ✉️ + ⚠️ = 🤝

Send Agent Tickets to Different Triage Channels

When you have multiple teams using Halp, it’s very convenient to create a routing rule to send Agent Tickets to a separate Triage Channel. Here is an example based on a custom field that the user selects when submitting a form. Our web app permissions mirror triage channel member permissions meaning if you’re not part of the #hr-triage channel in Slack, then you cannot view HR tickets in the Halp web app. It’s a great way of preventing Jordan from listening to and spreading all of the hottest workplace “drama.”

📝 + 🗿☹️🗿 + 🆘 = 👍 🏥

Sync a Subset of Tickets with an Integration

Halp offers easy ways to segment which tickets get synced with an external integration such as channel-based triggers. Here we have an example of a recipe where only certain tickets are sent to Zendesk. It’s based on this super cool concept referred to as “being organized”.

💻 +💣 + 🆘 + 🔫 = 🍒 & 🖥️

Send Automated Message

Here’s an example of a recipe that triggers an automated message based on who is assigned to the ticket.

🆘 + 🖥️ +👨🦳 = ✉️ 🎫 &  👨 ✅

Channel Based Routing for Severity

Easily segment tickets based on severity. This could be a field that the customer selects or an agent could trigger this with a separate recipe by using the 🔥 emoji to set this value for example. But please, don’t assign 🔥 to everything, don’t be like “Timely Taylor” that uses the “high priority” icon for every email they send on outlook—NOT EVERYTHING IS AN EMERGENCY, TAYLOR.

🎫 + 🔥🔥🔥 + 😱 + 🏊♂️💩 = 🚑 🏥

If you’ve got some solid recipes you love to use and don’t see them here, or some great emoji sentences you’d like us to try to figure out send them our way by emailing support@halp.com. ‍

Happy Halping!

Cook up easy Slack automations with Halp’s recipe builder