Introducing Queues

Many teams across an organization can utilize ticketing to manage their requests. Within Halp, Triage Channels were the original way to route requests to the right team, but we realized that Triage Channels were limited and not flexible enough.

Enter, Queues! Queues are a new way to organize ticketing within your company. You can create a Queue for a new team that wants to try Halp, or to better route tickets within an existing team.

All your existing Triage Channels have been converted to Queues, so go ahead and check them out. This is just the beginning of many more powerful features we look forward to adding to Halp (and to Queues as well).

Try it out and let us know what you think, we’re always eager to hear feedback from our customers!

Confluence + Halp Answers

Lots of companies use Confluence as a system of record for knowledge within their organizations and we want to make it easy to take all that knowledge (in Confluence) to answer tickets in Slack.

We’ve stepped up our game, and created a Halp Answers Confluence integration. Start by connecting your Confluence instance to Halp and select one or more Spaces to import. Labels in Confluence are mapped to keywords, and those articles will be automatically recommended to agents when a ticket has a matching keyword.

Give it a spin and let us know what you think!

Personalize Answers with variables and disable stale Answers

Placeholder Variables allow you to have personalized automatic responses to tickets without having to edit each instance in Slack. Placeholder Variables within Halp Answers will start with two variables: name and ticket number. Now you will only have to set-up the template once and let us do the rest.

We’ve also added the ability to disable Answers. Knowledge in organizations often gets stale. Now you can disable Answers that are stale or draft so they’ll no longer be suggested.

⚡️Create Tickets with Slack Shortcuts

There are many ways you can create a ticket with Halp in Slack — via a slash command, an emoji, Halp’s app home, or a shortcut (new!). Shortcuts make it simple and easy for anyone to create tickets directly in Slack, no matter what context they’re in. Making a ticket is now as easy as clicking on the “lightning bolt” icon in your message bar.

Try creating a ticket with the Halp Slack shortcut, and let us know what you think!

We’d love to get your feedback or comments about Halp! Drop us a line via email to or join the Halp Ops Community!

Halp’s April 2020 product updates: Queues, Confluence integrations, and more!