Since the release of our Data Center offering in 2017, more than 35% of our Jira and Confluence Data Center users have chosen to run on major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. As more and more of our customers look to leverage virtual architecture to minimize infrastructure configurations and cost, we’ve been exploring ways to make the deployment process easier. Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work incorporating your feedback, and we’re excited to announce our newly improved AWS and Azure templates to simplify your Data Center deployment.

Simplicity that scales

From quickstart templates with pre-set defaults to customizable templates built to support your organization’s unique environment, we’ve got you covered! Our templates will get you up and running on AWS or Azure in no time, allowing your organization to scale more quickly with minimal overhead. These updates were made for all your favorite Data Center products, including Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and Bitbucket. The new templates are chock-full of best practices from Atlassian, AWS, and Azure, with recommended guidelines for achieving optimal performance, resiliency, and security.

Deployment made easier

Wondering where to begin? We understand that migrating new services to the cloud, while liberating, can also be daunting, and requires some up-front configuration to save countless hours down the road. If deploying on virtual architecture is new for your organization, we recommend using the AWS or Azure quickstart templates, the gold standard for a simple, seamless experience. These templates allow you to stand up Atlassian Data Center by taking advantage of default parameters, getting you to the finish line of your deployment faster while strictly adhering to AWS and Azure security best practices.

Customize your heart out

We encourage more advanced admins to try out the customizable templates these quickstart templates are based on. AWS calls them CloudFormation templates, Azure calls theirs Resource Manager templates — we call them awesome! Enjoy increased configurability and flexibility with the freedom to quickly change base configuration parameters in real time. Need to edit memory management settings and roll it out to your service ASAP? No problem. Our new templates make it easier for you to customize as needed to fit your organization’s unique requirements.

So, what’s new?

We’ve updated base images, support documentation, and internal reference images — but we didn’t stop there. Take a look below to get details on some of the additional capabilities we’ve added for easier deployment on AWS and Azure.

Native Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
We’ve made it easier to add and use SSL certificates across your installations.

Native Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Simply “set and forget” your SSL operation on deployment.

Custom Domain Name System (DNS)
Further streamline your deployment automation with AWS’s intuitive Route 53 routing service based on Node IPs using an existing managed DNS zone.

Azure Monitor
Understand your app performance and proactively identify issues with out-of-the-box features, including performance tuning, metric collection, support dashboards, custom alerts, and more.
YAML-Based Templates
We’ve updated the templates from JSON to YAML, improving readability and familiarly.

Extended Linux distributions
Find additional support for more Linux distributions, including Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) and Red Hat Enterprise (REHL).

Database Tuning Parameters
With new Database parameters, you can now set your minimum/maximum pool size, test queries, connection timeouts, test periods, and more.

Performance Enhancements
We removed the Network Address Translation (NAT) instance and router and allowed for scalability within Azure-managed services, including the App Gateway, VMSS, and Database.

Tomcat Optimization
New improvements for Tomcat allow you to tune your maximum HTTP threads, connection timeouts, and ports.

Accelerated Networking
Accelerated networking for Virtual Machine Suspend State (VMSS) clusters enable Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) for better performance.

Configurable JVM Heap Sizes
JVM Heap sizes are no longer hard coded, so you can easily configure as needed.

Custom Domain Name System (DNS)
Now, it’s easier than ever to configure a custom domain name with DNS support on installation.

Tried and tested

Not only did we base our new templates on your feedback, but we’ve tested them extensively in our own move to AWS, unlocking a ton of benefits along the way. Migrating eight Jira instances, two Confluence instances, and one Crowd instance from traditional data centers to AWS has allowed us to scale automatically and meet growing demand elastically. Learn about our experience deploying with our CloudFormation templates in the webinar below, led by internal experts from our Workplace Technology team.

Watch the Webinar

Ready to get started with the new templates? Check them out here.

Easily deploy Jira, Bitbucket, & Confluence Data Center on AWS & Azure