Building effective teams doesn’t happen overnight – especially for large-scale organizations operating as multiple businesses in one. As we all know, effectiveness isn’t dictated by any one attribute, but the aggregate of multiple qualities found within a team – from the knowledge that team possesses to the processes they put in place – and everything in between. Further complicating the matter is the fact that every team has unique needs, so an effective IT team is going to have a different makeup than an effective HR team.

Knowing where to start improving team effectiveness at scale is a serious challenge, but one thing you can do is ensure that the products on which your teams standardize are built to support the foundational elements of effectiveness. So where do you begin?

First, we suggest evaluating the products you deploy across your enterprise by asking these three questions:

  • Does this product offer comprehensive security and compliance capabilities?
  • Will this product improve collaboration and allow teams to deliver on business-wide objectives?
  • Can we rely on this product as we continue to grow?

While these questions may seem obvious, that doesn’t make them any less critical when addressing effectiveness at enterprise scale. Atlassian Data Center products are built to not only support these needs, but to expand on them to help your team of teams optimize for effectiveness.

Products are nothing without the right practices in place. Be sure to check out our Team Playbook, built from a combination of in-depth research, customer conversations, and our own experiences as a growing organization. The Team Playbook is free with over 40 plays to help get you started.

Shield your team from roadblocks

5 ways to drive enterprise efficiency with your tools

There are some software liabilities that, if left unaddressed, can grind your teams’ progress to a screeching halt. For enterprise organizations, one of the most prominent is security and compliance. Failing to abide by the latest security and compliance standards can cost companies millions of dollars and cause irreversible damage to their reputation. It can delay production on new features, create technical debt, and impact the trust customers have in your business. These types of interruptions can sideline teams for months before getting back on track and delivering new customer value against their business objectives. Without the right protections in place, security and compliance issues can be a major blocker of team efficiency and effectiveness.

Atlassian Data Center products provide the visibility and control you need to safeguard your most valuable assets. This is especially important for enterprise organizations that have to adhere to complex internal and federally regulated standards. With features like advanced auditing and secure user management, we give your organization the tools to adapt to the increasingly evolving security and regulatory landscape, while your teams stay focused on what matters – creating and abiding by workflows that allow them to accomplish their best work.

Meet the needs of every team

How to use practices to lead an effective enterprise

As an enterprise grows, teams become more dispersed and siloed in the way they work, and there’s a growing need to standardize their tools to create better consistency and maintain control. Unfortunately, that need for standardization can feel stifling for teams – especially high-performing ones – that excel when they’re given the flexibility to define their ideal workflows. But you don’t have to choose between consistency and flexibility; you can find products that create a common framework for collaboration while also leaving room for customizations. In fact, it’s crucial for effective teams to maintain autonomy and trust from the organization in order to continue innovating. We think Michael West explained it best when he defined support for innovation as “the expectation, approval, and practical support of attempts to introduce new and improved ways of doing things in the work environment.”

In our Data Center products, we’ve made that possible by offering a foundation for collaboration that supports apps and integrations that can be customized to fit the needs of every team. For example, Jira Service Desk Data Center can be used to scale across multiple departments to submit, track, and respond to requests. And while your IT team may rely on sophisticated workflows that enable them to abide by ITIL best practices, your business teams can also take advantage of Jira Service Desk with the help of Halp. Halp turns Slack into an internal help desk solution, leveraging simple emoji reactions to create a ticket that tracks the process and outcomes of requests, making it easier than ever for every department within your organization to keep track of their requests, progress, and outcomes, all from the same platform.

Stay two steps ahead

Managing enterprise software is no easy task. As products grow in popularity, so does the administrative tasks required to maintain performance as users expect. This often creates friction between what your products are set up to do and the expectations your teams have for the product’s performance and resiliency. Once these products become mission-critical to your teams’ ability to do their jobs, downtime becomes a huge risk, not only because of the loss in productivity, but also the attributable IT costs, as the team scrambles to get the system back online. A single hour of downtime for 1,000 developers could cost your organization tens of thousands of dollars.

With Data Center, applications are designed with advanced controls that help you ensure global teams have the speed, reliability, and availability they need to move work forward. By deploying Data Center in a clustered environment, teams can take advantage of horizontal scaling and add nodes to mirror the growth of their teams, before it impacts productivity. Data Center also offers QuickStart deployment templates for AWS and Azure, which gives you the ability to spin up a new instance from scratch and scale as you need to in a matter of minutes.

These are just a few of the Data Center features that support organizations on their journey to team effectiveness. If you want to learn more about how your peers have used Data Center products to improve their team effectiveness (without sacrificing efficiency), follow the link below to download our infographic.

How your products can foster team effectiveness