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Some employees want to work remotely, others want to work in the office, and many want the choice and flexibility of both. That’s the hybrid workplace in its simplest form. Trello has spent decades establishing the tools of hybrid teams and navigating its challenges and solutions. To make your hybrid workplace less tedious and exhausting, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Rather, you just need the infrastructure, resources, and lessons of our experience and expertise. Bookmark these:

1. Smooth The Hybrid Workplace Transition For Teams 

Hybrid work can be an awesome opportunity for your organization to offer employees flexibility, freedom, and autonomy to work how, when, and where they work best. It can also be a competitive perk to attract and retain top talent. With this guide to successfully make the transition to hybrid work, you’ll learn to draft and communicate a clear transition plan, enable team collaboration, foster relationships between in-person and remote teams, and ensure equal opportunities for all, no matter where they work.

2. Build Out A Hybrid Workplace Culture At Scale

For the past decade, Trello and Atlassian have successfully implemented a hybrid work model at scale, and we’re always happy to share what we’ve learned along the way. We created a free guide of our collective remote work wisdom, including:

  • How to facilitate a successful transition to a hybrid work model.
  • How to foster and nourish a strong culture online.
  • How to build infrastructure that supports remote growth.
  • The right tools for hybrid team collaboration and communication.

3. Create A Better Hybrid Schedule

To create a successful hybrid work schedule, arm yourself with data and the experience of others. A Manager’s Guide For Creating A Hybrid Work Schedule is your map for the best tips and real-life examples from other managers and team leaders.

4. Learn The Best Collaboration Tactics For Hybrid Work

Trello’s work-from-anywhere policy has scaled over the past decade and become a success story for hybrid work. With the right company culture, tools, and infrastructure, the model can be replicated. In the first-ever recorded round table discussion with Trello’s leadership team, this on-demand webinar offers insight into how Trello navigated the distributed divide between remote, in-person, and hybrid workforces.

5. Manage A Hybrid Team More Easily

Trello users know that one of the best ways to simplify remote work is with a Trello shared workspace. Add in one of our plug-and-play templates for remote and hybrid work to your Trello board, and it’s a party for distributed teams everywhere. We have ready-to-use hybrid workplace templates for your new or existing Trello boards. Find daily planners, remote team management tools, meeting trackers, brainstorming organizers, and a template to build out watercooler company culture. As always, they’re free to use and easy to customize as you see fit.

6. Maintain Psychological Safety At Work

Psychological safety was coined by Harvard Business School student Amy Edmondson in her book, The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth. It is, “a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes,” says Edmonson. In workplaces, this means that employees are encouraged to speak freely and engage authentically. There is a mutual level of trust and respect among colleagues.

Learn to incorporate psychological safety as the gold standard for remote and hybrid teams. Gain a better understanding of how open, clear, and respectful communication is paramount among distributed employees.

7. Get Data And Inspiration On The Benefits Of Hybrid Work

Get the numbers on how WFH improves employee satisfaction, collaboration and productivity, and gives a boost to employees’ mental health. A PWC report found that 55% of employees would prefer to work from home at least three days a week.

Learn to level up your home office from experts in the field, and how to implement conflict management for hybrid teams.

7 ways to make a hybrid workplace less exhausting