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Flexibility is an important consideration for all professional teams, whether it concerns infrastructure, workflow, or scalability needs. It’s a factor that is always first and foremost for us when we’re building products and it’s something our customers have come to know and love about Atlassian. With respect to infrastructure in particular, these needs are changing. Gone are the days when on-premise solutions were the status quo – with the advent of affordable, secure, and scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, we’re now seeing a trend towards deployments in the cloud or a hybrid mix of both.

And that’s why we’re excited to announce that Stash, the only collaborative Git solution that massively scales, now supports deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Adding support for AWS is a no-brainer, combining the enterprise-grade security, extensibility, and collaborative code review in Stash with the powerful and resizable computing capacity of Amazon EC2, all without the need to invest in hardware up front. And with this support comes ease, as deploying Stash on AWS provides users both the option to configure their AWS servers as they wish, or use pre-built Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).

And that’s not all

Support for AWS coincides with the release of Stash 3.8 which greatly enhances the monitoring and deployment process even further.

Monitor and manage Stash with ease

Understanding how an application is performing allows for better decision making around how to maintain and optimize machine resources. The addition of Java Management Extension (JMX) counters in Stash provides administrators additional ability to monitor, anticipate, and scale the application to meet growing business needs.

Automatically provision a Stash instance or cluster

For those utilizing an on-premise deployment option like Stash Data Center, Stash’s setup wizard is a useful guide to setting up a server or cluster. Stash now allows for the automatic provisioning of a server without manual intervention, providing a more automated way to get you up and running faster.

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Stash levels up deployment flexibility with AWS support