We’re holding an Atlassian Doc Sprint on 22-24 February. You may have already heard about it. This is a quick reminder to the people who are coming and an invitation to join us if you haven’t already.

What will happen in the doc sprint? We’ll cloister ourselves in a room with some computers, some geeks and plenty of chocolate. After three days, we’ll emerge with lots of shiny new tutorials plus the accompanying plugins and gadgets. And we’ll be a lot wiser than when we went in. It’s a bit like Big Brother but with open doors. The biggest loser will be the one who eats the least chocolate.

We already have a number of people coming and a plan for the tutorials we want to develop. Our schedule is shaping up nicely.

Want to join us? Come play with the Atlassian tech writers. Grab a chocolate middle name while there are still some left and sign up.

The Atlassian Doc Sprint is happening, and soon