On point and on fire, the Team Calendars development team is bringing you even more heat. We’re excited to announce that our next major release – Team Calendars 1.3 – is available for download now!

Introducing View Restrictions

Have you ever wanted to manage who can and can’t see your calendars in Confluence? Now you can with view restrictions in Team Calendars 1.3, the most highly voted feature request, satisfying 47 of your votes!

You can define viewing restrictions for a People and Event Calendar when:

  • Adding a new calendar.
  • Editing an existing calendar.

Team Calendars 1.3 Hero Shot.001.png

Restrict Viewing by Group or User

Similar to Page Restrictions in Confluence, you can define view restrictions for Team Calendars by Confluence group and individual user. If a group or user does not have permission to view a calendar, they will not be able edit the calendar either.

How Can View Restrictions Help You?

For many teams, security is key. With view restrictions you can keep any calendar as open and closed as you like.

  • Hide calendars from other teams using Confluence
  • Hide calendars from your customers if using Confluence as a public site
  • Hide calendars from contractors working in your team or organization

View Restrictions are flexible enough that you can define who can see your calendar down to the last user.

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Team Calendars 1.3 Released – Now with View ...