Since our last release, the Stash team has been hard at work fixing bugs and adding improvements that will make developers more productive. Today, we’re excited to announce Stash 3.5 with three new features that we hope will delight our users: comment likes, syntax highlighting, and tags in commits list.

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Reduce comment clutter using comment likes

Comments allow you to discuss, collaborate, and approve code changes related to a pull request. As your team grows, more and more team members participate in code review conversations resulting in a long chain of comments. In Stash 3.5 we’ve added comment likes, an easy way to confer agreement with an existing comment and reduce the comment clutter by decreasing the number of “+1” or “I agree” comments.



Read code more easily with syntax highlighting

You’ll be able to see syntax highlighted code in the side-by-side diffs for pull requests, and in the source view of Stash 3.5. As a developer or reviewer, this makes it so much easier to browse and read code. We’ve also added a range of new language mappings including Erlang, Perl, Python, and Ruby.


See tags in your list of commits

Tags have long been used to mark important points in the code’s history, such as a milestone or a release. Stash 3.5 will display those tags in your list of commits. You can easily find a commit by its tag and see all the work done since you tagged that commit.

For a more detailed list of features and improvements, please read Stash 3.5 release notes.

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Stash 3.5: comment likes, syntax highlighting, and...