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The Stash & Bitbucket team is excited to announce the release of pull request tasks – the perfect way to stay on top your pull request progress.


When a pull request is created, we know it’s only just the beginning of an iterative process. A pull request allows you to notify your team of your proposed changes and this typically leads to discussions and feedback, which might result in further changes to the code. While extremely helpful and great for improving code quality, feedback via comments can get lost quite easily. Now, with pull request tasks, you can turn feedback into actionable tasks so you never miss a crucial change. To create a task simply highlight the relevant text or add a new task via the ‘create task’ link.


To keep track of all your tasks, you can access a list of all tasks (open and resolved) from the top of a pull request. The summary dialog box allows you to quickly see what needs to be tended to. There are also merge check settings to make sure all tasks are completed before a pull request can be merged. Stay on top of all changes to your pull request and never miss a thing again!

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