Here on the Stash team, we know how valuable pull requests are, because we use them every day. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve them and make you more productive. In Stash 3.2, we’re delivering a couple of enhancements that we’ve found handy, and we hope you enjoy them, too.

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Preview your pull request before creating it

We brought you branch compare in Stash 3.0 as a way to check out the diffs between two branches. It lets you preview all the work that was going into a pull request. And now, from the branch compare page, you can quickly create a pull request with just a click of a button. We improved the pull request creation experience so you always know what code changes are going to be merged before creating that pull request.


Comment navigation

An active pull request can build up quite a few comments over time, and we’ve found that sometimes it’s convenient to browse discussions from the diff view instead of the overview. To save you from hunting for comments across a diff, you can now use the shift+N and shift+P keyboard shortcuts to move to the next and previous comment thread in a file, respectively. This complements the “n” and “p” shortcuts for moving between diff hunks.


Getting started with Stash

To ensure a great experience for new users, we’ve introduced a welcome page to get your new team members familiar with what Stash has to offer. Now you can invite new users to Stash without having to explain the basics. To see what’s included, choose “Welcome to Stash” in the Stash help menu.


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