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In our on-going efforts to continuously provide the best code review experience in Stash, we are excited to deliver two ways for you to better collaborate with your team on code review. From attaching files for more robust code discussions to searching for specific text strings in diffs, get all the details you need for a kick-ass code review process.

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Search a diff, any diff

With commits and pull requests often encompassing multiple files, it’s hard to search for specific changes across all the code in a diff. Looking for a method name? Or a certain variable? We’ve introduced a search feature in our diff tabs to locate that string of text quickly and easily. Stash will locate all the occurrences of your desired phrase in a diff and surrounding context lines, so you can get to where you’re going faster.


Attach files and images in comments

Comments have always been great for feedback and discussions, but relying on text and links alone can be limiting when trying to convey a message. Maybe it’s a screenshot of what went wrong, a log file, or even a funny gif – a picture (or a file) can get your message across faster. You can even use attachments to kick off your pull request with an image of the finished product, so reviewers get the full picture without firing up a test environment.

Stash has long supported the ability to include links and images in markdown for hosted files, and in 3.1, we are excited to announce the support of all image and file attachments in comments. Upload your attachment (or simply drag and drop your file) with your comments and make images and documents part of your collaborative review process.


With the latest version of Stash, we can’t wait for you to get great discussions in your pull requests going, using attachments and searches.

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