Developers are always seeking “the flow” because they know interruptions are focus killers. Most developers we know want to come into work and build cool stuff with clean code. What don’t they want to spend time on? Manually synchronizing a forked repository, or playing tug-of-war with IT over permissions to access server logs. Getting side-tracked with things like this means less time coding, and less time coding means frustrated developers. One way to reduce interruptions is to automate repetitive tasks. If you remove tedious routines from your developers’ lives, they’ll stay in the flow.

Stash 2.6 introduces several key features that will reduce the time spent on tedious tasks, and allow you to collaborate even faster on your Git projects: a simple way to keep forks up-to-date, easily accessible audit logs, and repository quick search.

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Fork synchronization. Take the pain out of forking.

In Stash 2.4 we introduced forks to provide developers with a workflow to contribute code to repositories they don’t own.

The problem: Your forked projects often get out of sync with the original (remember, it’s a snapshot in time). Keeping your forks up-to-date with the upstream (original) repository is a manual, onerous process. For less-frequently updated forks, the divergence eventually becomes so large that it’s easier to throw away the fork and fork again, than sync with the upstream repository. That’s a lot of hassle, when you’d rather just be coding.

The solution: In Stash 2.6 we’ve introduced a simple way to sync your forks that saves time. Enabling fork synchronization on a forked repository will sync it with the upstream repository automatically. Once synced, all branches will point to the same commits as the upstream repository. If there are conflicts, Stash will guide you through resolving them.


Developing on a fork is now identical to developing directly on its original repository. Every time someone pushes, or merges a pull request, the changes are duplicated in your fork within seconds.

Audit logging. Stay compliant.

For a number of reasons, it is important to keep track of what users are doing in your systems. For teams who need to comply with security standards or adhere to industry regulations, it’s more than important — it’s mandatory.

Stash 2.6 features audit logs, recording activity across every repository, and project and system level changes. The audit system is intended to give Stash administrators visibility into the way repositories are being used, identify authorized vs. unauthorized changes, and other non-compliant activity. Stash’s auditing helps to answer questions like “Who granted permissions to this group?” and “When was that repository deleted?”. Your ability to answer such questions can make or break a compliance audit.


Repository quick-search. All repositories at your fingertips.

With the advent of forks, large enterprises can have thousands of repositories spread across multiple projects in Stash. With repositories multiplying like fractals, core developers who have permissions across any number of projects can lose track of where a specific repository is located. This means paging through projects looking for it, something neither developers nor administrators have time for.

With repository quick search, you can jump to repositories in a matter of seconds. Just type in a portion of a repository name and Stash will dynamically suggest matching repositories.


Application navigator. Quickly switch between apps.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 6.12.16 PMStash now integrates even more tightly with other Atlassian applications, like Jira or Bamboo. Users can easily navigate between Stash and Jira — or any other Atlassian application — all from the Stash header. As a bonus, you can also configure the application navigator to link to external applications you use everyday at work, like CRMs, help desk, internal systems, and more.

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Stash 2.6: Fork synchronization, audit logs and repository quick-search