Optimizing the development workflow is crucial to keeping product teams productive — after all, every second not coding is a second lost. In Stash 2.6 we introduced ways to give developers some time back with fork synchronization and repository search. In Stash 2.7, we continue the theme of optimizing your development workflows by putting more information from the tools you use every day right at your fingertips.

Today we’re announcing powerful features that improve the integration between your source code and Jira issues, giving you more information to make decisions faster to help get your job done.

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Instantly transition Jira issues from Stash

Forget about context switching. Stash integrates seamlessly with Jira to optimize your development workflow, putting issue details front and center from virtually anywhere — commits, source files, and pull requests. Stash 2.7 takes this even further.

Transitioning issues is a common task that requires not only opening Jira, but also finding the right issue, just to click a button. True, this doesn’t take that long, but any context switch is a productivity sink. Stash 2.7 streamlines this process by putting issue transitions at the fingertips of developers anywhere a Jira issue is linked in Stash.

  • Open a pull request and transition the associated Jira issue(s) to the in review state
  • Merging a pull request often means that the Jira issues are also fixed, move them them to the resolved state

Transition any issue from the Stash interface — no more context switching to move your workflow forward, including custom workflows.


Automatically link Jira issues from comments and pull requests

Providing context is important when having written discussions around your code. With Stash’s support for markdown in comments and descriptions, you can link to relevant Jira issues simply by mentioning the issue key. The icing on the cake: Stash will automatically give you context to this issue inside of Stash, even allowing you to transition the Jira issue (just like all the other issue links in Stash). Issue links give you complete traceability from the tasks and issues you track in Jira to the source code that affects those issues. Productivity boost FTW!


Easily connect Stash to multiple Jira servers

Many development teams have multiple Jira issue tracker instances at their organization. Stash can now connect to each and every one of them. Use Stash to manage the Git source for your development teams and connect to the Jira issue tracker they are using on those teams.

This one is for you, Enterprise teams!


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Stash 2.7: Optimize your development workflow with Jira and Stash