Stash has had the best pull request experience for a while now, but we’re not about to rest on our laurels. In Stash 2.11, we’re bringing you even better ways to review and comment on code. You can see what’s changed more easily, and comment whenever and wherever you need to.

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Side-by-side diff

We built Stash to offer best-in-class unified diff view. At a glance, you were able to see in a single view what code had changed via the interleaving changes. While this is a good solution for reviewing code, this format isn’t always the friendliest when you’re tackling a large code change. Many of you have asked for a side-by-side diff view, like the one in Bitbucket, and in Stash 2.11 we’ve delivered.


The new view available in Stash shows changes in a before and after style in two panels, and has all the same features you’ve come to expect in Stash’s diffs, including in-line comments and character-wise diff highlighting. Side-by-side diffs also have synchronized scrolling between each side so you can see corresponding change segments together. The easy-to-read layout lets you quickly identify what has been added, changed, or removed. Toggle between side-by-side and unified diff view through the menu at the top of the section.

Commit comments

Sometimes discussions about a code change don’t fit neatly into the life cycle of a pull request, and there has never been a way for teams to discuss changes outside of that context. We’ve faced those challenges too and took your feedback to heart, so now you have to ability to comment on any commit. Commit comments let you provide early feedback on a commit before a pull request has been created, suggest improvements for issues that were discovered after merging, or simply call out your colleague’s amazing feat of technical wizardry that solved that pesky memory leak.

As with comments on pull requests, you can:

  • Add line-level and file-level comments
  • @-mention other users
  • Reply to comments
  • Use markdown and
  • Be notified as a participant. The author of a commit is automatically notified if they are also known as a Stash user.


File comments

All too often the Stash developers have wanted to comment on a file in a pull request instead of a particular line. This was especially a problem for deleted files or binaries where there was no diff context available for even a line-level comment. In Stash 2.11, you can add a file-level comment on any file that has changed in a pull request or commit by clicking the add comment icon on the right-side toolbar.


Awesome new Jira integration

With all the work being done, it can be tough to stay on top of your project’s progress. For those of you with Jira, the latest Stash integration surfaces development information in a single place with the new development panel in Jira 6.2. Find what you need, when you need it – no more hunting for open pull requests or guessing development progress. Keep everyone in your team up to date, and spend more time producing great software.


Get faster feedback

Take your Git development workflow to the next level with easier reviews and more ways to discuss changes. The latest Stash release helps you collaborate on software faster!

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Stash 2.11: Faster feedback with better diffs and ...