One of my favorite games as a kid was ‘Spot the Difference’. I loved scouring pictures for minute details and deviations. With all the new features coming in Confluence 4.1, it only seemed natural to create our own version. Now’s your chance to spot all the new features coming your way tomorrow in Confluence 4.1!

Spot the difference!

OK, here’s how this works:

  1. Take a close look at the page on the left being created in Confluence 4.0
  2. Compare it with the page on the right, being created in Confluence 4.1
  3. Comment on this blog and tell us the differences you found, and what you think they mean
  4. Tune in tomorrow to find out what they are!
Spot the difference in Confluence 4.1

How many differences could you find?

We’ve already shared a number of the features and improvements coming in Confluence 4.1 – check back tomorrow to fill in the gaps.

Spot the Difference in Confluence 4.1...