One of the greatest things about Atlassian is our awesome customers. Without a sales team we count on grassroots adoption that’s often led by a single person or team that loyally champions our products. These champions bring our products wherever they go, and often have to convince their peers and management to use them as well. Our job is to empower these champions as much as we can by creating resources that save them valuable time and to help them spread our products like wildfire in their organizations.

Power to the champions

In order to make sure we were doing that job, we dedicated a project to finding out what problems our customers face when trying to roll out Jira + Jira Agile in their companies, and how we could help. We named the project Power to the Champions. After several customer interviews we found that many of our champions were lacking in helpful resources, and often had to create their own presentations and pitches to convince stakeholders.

A resource for champions

Our champions needed something punchy, easy to consume, with useful competitive information. Something they could use to build a strong case for using Jira Agile, instead of any other software, for their company’s tracking and project management solution.

Co-designing with customers

With a good idea of what we needed, we began creating a resource with the help of some of our existing champions. We looked at presentations that had already been made, and white-boarded tons of ideas for what was needed. As we created content we co-designed with customers to build a solution that would be useful and encompass their needs.

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Why Jira is your best choice

We created a competitive cheat sheet that highlights the biggest benefits of using Jira + Jira Agile, and compares it to other leading competitive applications. The resource was created to save you time by doing the competitive legwork, so you don’t have to. The PDF can be printed out and distributed directly, or you can take bits and pieces of it to create your own Jira pitch.


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Use it, share it, give us feedback!

We want to continue to build out these resources for our champions. Please use this competitive cheat sheet and give feedback so that we can continue to iterate and improve on it, in true agile fashion. You can provide feedback at the bottom of the page using our customer survey!

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Power to Jira champions: A story of collaboration ...