The OpenID project has proposed a new marketing image with the launch of the 2.0 version of the protocol, quoting the email thread:

The existing OpenID logo has been a good fit over the last year or so. Its easily identifiable and pretty much ubiquitous now… Our goal will be to select one of the three logos shown below and announce it as part of our efforts to further introduce and explain our OpenID plans next week.

Here are the previous suggestions:

The general opinion from the mailing list was:

The options we floated to the list didn’t really get anybody excited. We need to find something better.

We are throwing our hat into ring to see what we can offer…

Our approach in developing the logo concepts featured on this page include: analysis of the domain and a collection of associated words; development of the associations into visual representations; and creation of the (close-to-final) vector art.

Associated words used include: web; open; persona; convenient; sign-on; numerous; identity; user; secure; register; safe; clear; and free. Visual representations used include: network; beehive; open boxes; directional arrows; duplication; thumbprints; key holes; user icons; and the human eye.

Special care was taken to provide an evolution (as opposed to a revolution) of the current logo image. We achieved this by re-using key elements such as font types and image glyphs.

The small logos at the foot of the page illustrate scalability. Our next step would be the investigation and application of different color palettes.

Let us know what you think!

OpenID 2.0 Logo Concepts