It’s that time again… another DevOps-themed hangout is a-brewin’. Just for fun, we’ll be coming to you live from PuppetConf in San Francisco!

Our topic for August is application monitoring. We’ll discuss why it’s a good engineering practice and trade war stories about how it saved our SaaS, of course. But we’ll also dig in deeper and talk about how monitoring can be used as a tool (in the figurative sense) for bridging the gap between dev and ops.

As always, no slide decks or sales pitches allowed. Just nerd-on-nerd conversation.

Watch the live stream on our Google+ event page. You can join the conversation by dropping questions for the panelists or sharing your own experiences through the comment stream during the broadcast.

Here’s our line-up of esteemed panelists:

  • Jonathon Creenaune, Front-end architect, Atlassian
  • Declan Conlon, Performance engineer, Atlassian
  • Jonathan Thurman, Site engineer, New Relic
  • …an as-yet-unsuspecting victim recruit from the PuppetConf crowd

See you at the hangout!

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