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Win an Angry Nerds t-shirt – Facebook contest

If you missed out on a free Angry Nerds t-shirt, worry no more! Here’s a chance to score one now. “Like” the Atlassian Facebook page, and tell us which nerd we missed in our game. Make sure you name the nerd (for example, “The Mighty Eagle”), give a short description of the nerd and identify its special move. 

Best nerd today and tomorrow gets a free shirt. We’ll contact the winners via Facebook. Good luck!

Wednesday’s winners

Dave Bl’s Ninja Coder was our web team’s favorite, while the marketing team loved Jachin Sheehy’s Bald Eagle. Both guys take home a free Angry Nerds t-shirt. Congrats!

The Bald Eagle – The aging Cobol Programmer who has to be brought out to fix problems created before all the other nerds were even born. Special move for the Bald EagAngle – leaves a ‘big iron’ crater after each deployment.

The Ninja Coder – After writing some new unit tests you find that there is a race condition somewhere in your application code. You have no idea where to start so you go and get a coffee. You check out trunk and re-run your tests. Only you find that some ninja coder has gone and fixed the bug that caused the new unit tests to fail!

Missed out on an Angry Nerds t-shirt? No worries!...