atlassian icon test.pngDuring the holidays there are many reasons to celebrate, and for us here at Atlassian, the month of December included some very significant milestones for our developer tools. Since the acquisition of Cenqua in 2007, over 1000 customers have bought Fisheye, while more than 500 customers have each bought Crucible and Clover. This is very impressive considering the acquisition was only 16 short months ago.
These customers span many industries from high tech to retail to education and everything in between. Companies like Cisco, HP, Intel, UBS, Nokia, Vodafone, Ikea, Toyota, Stanford University and many, many more.
Open source projects also benefit from our tools; projects like Apache, JBoss, MySQL, and many others hosted on Sourceforge, Codehaus,
If you include the open source projects (who get our tools for free), we have over 1200 organisations using Fisheye to search and navigate their source code repositories, over 650 using Crucible to conduct online peer code reviews, and over 600 using Clover to improve their test coverage. Add in the 1000+ different customers using Bamboo, there are many tens of thousands of developers spread out across 47+ countries, relying on our developer tools to build better software every day.

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Major milestones for Fisheye, Crucible and Clover