Today is a big day for Atlassian – huge actually. The latest releases of Jira and Confluence are available today! Jira 4.3 and Confluence 3.5 are bursting at the seams with new features, especially when it comes to integration.

Connect Jira & Confluence with Application Links

Shipped in Confluence 3.5 and Jira 4.3, Application Links allows you to connect Jira and Confluence instances, enabling a number of new features.

Ever wanted to create Jira issues when writing specs or planning projects in Confluence? Now you can.

Have you always wished you could create quick reports on the status of Jira issues without leaving Confluence? Well, now you can do that too.

What about managing all your Jira and Confluence users in one place? You guessed it, that’s doable as well.

jira-43.png confluence-35.png


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