As announced at Atlassian Summit 2011 earlier this week, we’re very excited to announce the availability of Jira 4.4 Beta1 via the Early Access Program. The Jira development team has been hard at work on our biggest release yet, and there are tons of awesome new features to check out!

Administrator Luv

The admin experience have gotten quite a makeover for this release. Starting from the beginning: the setup wizard, installer, and database configuration have a slick new look and feel we think you’ll love. After you install, jump into the new ‘administration mode’ a dedicated session with drop-down menus in the top nav bar.



Visualize the specific issue types and workflows associated with a project front and center on Project Configuration. As first shown in the prototype plugin, Project Configuration has a friendly new design, so important information is highlighted. Quickly find objects associated with the project, so adding a new field, screen, or workflow step is faster than ever.


Since we welcomed Visual Workflow Designer to the Jira family in February, the team has both incorporated the designer into Jira itself and given it a makeover. End users can even see an image of the workflow for the issue they are viewing!

4.4 M2 view workflow.png

Tons More for Users

End users may swoon for the classy new HTML email templates, but that’s not all they’ll love. With Jira 4.3 came the ability to search an issue’s change history. In Jira 4.4 we’ve added lots more JQL functions to make Jira search more powerful than ever! And of course work on User Time Zones, one of the most highly-voted feature requests for Jira of all time, has been progressing well. JRA-9, with 454 votes, is now Fixed!

Give it a go

Check out the the full release notes for details and screenshots of all the new features. Even better: download Jira 4.4 Beta1 from the Jira Early Access Program. Enable GreenHopper – no need to install – it’s in there too! Of course remember that this, like all beta releases, is not intended to be used in production.

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