Jira 4.3 EAP 3 has left the building just in time for Christmas.


Faster Dashboards

In this milestone build you will see our efforts around improving the performance of the dashboard. The dashboard is the first page you go to in Jira and it is the information hub. It should be as fast we can make it. In EAP 3 we improved dashboard performance by 29% and for large dashboards, the performance improvement is 35%.


Gadget Subscriptions

With a recent upgrade to the underlying Jira Gadgets framework administrators are now able to include all the gadgets published by one application into the directory of another application. We call this ‘subscribing’ to the application’s gadgets.

Application Links is now visible in the Jira Administration UI. This allows you to easily link together instances of Atlassian applications that also support AppLinks. We will be building more features in the future that leverage AppLinks.

As Dariusz talked about here, work continues on enabling plugins. While this work will not be complete in Jira 4.3, it will ultimately result in most plugin upgrades not requiring a restart of Jira.

More to come soon.. stay tuned!


Try it for yourself

As always, help us shape the next major Jira release by downloading our latest Jira EAP and giving us your feedback via our public Jira instance.

Jira 4.3 Milestone 3 – Dashboards and Gadget...