A big thanks to all of our customers who joined us on November 2 in our webinar announcing Jira 4.2 and GreenHopper 5.3.

What’s new in Jira 4.2 and GreenHopper 5.3

These releases are all about making your interactions with Jira and GreenHopper quicker.

Improved keyboard shortcuts allow you to navigate with virtually no use of your mouse, and our new pop-up dialog menus let you perform issue operations without having to load a new page.

Watch the video

Check out the video below for a full list of new features and improvements, as well as a live demo of the products and a Q&A session with attendees.


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Check out the full recording, presentation slides and related links.

Jira 4.2 and GreenHopper 5.3 Webinar and Demo...