People like videos

Here at Atlassian we’ve always believed our products should be shown off just as much as a healthy moustache during the month of Movember. And we’ve always had great success using videos to show off our products. Nearly all of our product pages have a video outlining usage and major features. For example, both Confluence, our enterprise wiki, and Jira, our issue tracker, display videos prominently on each respective landing page. And lots of our visitors watch these videos! We ran some numbers on the Jira landing page to drive home our argument. 34% of all page views to the Jira landing page watched the video. This statistic is amazingly high considering we’re comparing page views, not unique visitors. And of those 34% that watched the video, a strong majority watched at least 75% of the video. Have we convinced you yet that people like watching videos?

But creating a video isn’t all there is to properly marketing your product. The placement of the video matters just as much as the video itself! When we announced Confluence 3.3 the product tour video was at the bottom of the post. For the Confluence 3.4 announcement we decided to experiment, placing the video at the top of the post. The Confluence 3.4 post, with the video on top, had well over double the average time spent on site, clearly implying that readers watch videos!

Screen shot 2010-11-23 at 11.04.05 AM.png

Videos come to

At AtlasCamp 2010 we encouraged commercial plugin developers to create videos highlighting their plugin’s awesome features. Today we’re excited to bring Youtube embedded videos to (PAC), allowing each of you to embed product videos in your PAC page. We hope to help drive plugin downloads for each of you with this new PAC feature. To add a video to PAC, modify a plugin version and include the Youtube video ID in the “Release Info” tab, pictured below.

Screen shot 2010-11-23 at 11.17.03 AM.png

The RefinedWiki Original Theme PAC page has a working example of the embedded videos.

We want to hear from you

We’re excited to be giving more power to our plugin developers, helping you all market your products more effectively. And please share with us any video success stories you might have.

Introducing Videos in PAC and MOustaches