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Developers at big companies have aspirations similar to those at small, nimble start-ups. Plain and simple, they want to be able to ‘get in the zone’ and drive faster code velocity for both themselves and their teammates. For many, Git is the solution they’ve been searching for. And it’s not just perception – Git helps more developers today get into that state than ever before. Yet enterprises have been hesitant about making the switch to Git because they needed a better way to administer and manage Git on their own infrastructure. So we built Stash for Git Repository management for Enterprise Teams.

We have some BIG news for large teams…

These excuses are no longer valid. Fresh on the heels of Stash 2.0, we are stoked to unveil Stash Enterprise, Atlassian’s on-premises Git Repository Management solution built to meet the needs of the largest enterprise teams. This new Enterprise offering delivers more options for teams with a large user base (over 500) and provides the mission critical support that big teams demand.

Enterprise teams building software share and track three things – ideas (specifications and requirements), activity (work and tasks), and code. Earlier this year, we introduced Jira and Confluence Enterprise to make it easier for our largest customers to track activity around their work, and create and share rich content online. Stash is that final piece of our Enterprise family.

Together, our Enterprise offerings empower teams to manage their ideas, activity and code with the scalability big businesses need.

Laser Focus on the Enterprise

Stash has been built from the ground up for the Enterprise. From day one, we’ve aimed to build a product that provides the features and scalability that large enterprises need to adopt Git, and to make that adoption more easy. Many of the new features we’ve built since introducing Stash in May have been specifically geared towards addressing these needs.

We switched all of our own product teams over to distributed version control (DVCS) just last year, and we’ve spoken with many of our enterprise customers who’ve already migrated or are looking to do so in the near future. Stash already provided these teams a way to create, manage and collaborate around their Git source. Now, with Stash Enterprise, organizations with large user bases can easily scale their Git source management.

Security and Access Control

Enterprise user management: easily connect Stash to your corporate LDAP server (such as Active Directory), or use Jira as your central user management server. If you need a central point for all of your user management, including Stash, Jira and other business applications Atlassian Crowd is available.

Compliant with enterprise environments: built with infrastructure flexibility needs in mind, administrators have full control over how Stash fits into their environment, from database to authentication (such as HTTPS/SSH).

Enterprise-level permissions: create a simple set of detailed permission settings–globally, by project or per-branch–through Stash’s simple user interface.


Centralized repository management: source code is easily accessible in a central, trusted location.

Secure browsing, cloning and checkout: project permissions keep your source history accessible to specific users and groups.


Traceability: the key ingredient to any source code management solution is its relationship to issues. Connect Stash to your Jira (Enterprise) issue tracker to get the full benefits of issue and source traceability.

Pluggable: Stash comes equipped with a comprehensive SDK and REST API that enables corporate developers to create custom functionality and integrations. Developers are taking advantage of this flexibility and have built more than 20 add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Code Collaboration

Pull requests: a simple way to contribute code, review the changes, discuss them and have the choice of what users or groups can merge them into the existing code base.

Per-branch permissions: grant ‘write’ access to specific branches to a subset of users or groups.

Benefits of Stash Enterprise

24/7 Personalized Phone and Online Support

Atlassian’s legendary support is available to help Enterprise customers through their weekend upgrades, late night changes or anything in between. There is a dedicated Enterprise support team ready to help 24/7.

Enterprise Customer Community

Customers will gain access to a private Stash Enterprise Community to discuss their large deployments with similar organizations and Atlassian.

In addition, there will be semiannual Stash Enterprise Webinars so Enterprise customers can connect to the Stash Product Management team and discuss the latest updates and provide product feedback.

Deployment Resources

Written specifically with large deployments in mind, Stash resources are available to keep your instance tuned and optimized (these resources are available to all users in the Stash documentation).

Meet Stash Enterprise

We are focused on improving the experience for our Enterprise customers – from features to the offering. Stash is now part of the growing Enterprise family (including Jira and Confluence). As a new offering we would love to hear your feedback.

Introducing Stash Enterprise Offering, Git Repository Management for Large Organizations