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Confluence is a powerful tool. We want you to get the most out of it.

Like so many applications we use every day, there are layers upon layers of functionality in Confluence. And that’s awesome. But just like learning to play an instrument or speak another language, it’s essential to embrace the basics, first, before diving head first into the advanced stuff.

Introducing Confluence 101

Confluence 101 will be on ongoing effort to help you master the basics in Confluence. The first article of a 3-part series called “Confluence 101: organize your work in spaces” gets you up to speed on everything you need to start organizing your work.

In the coming weeks, stay tuned for the next articles about creating content and discussing work. Plus, along the way, Confluence 101 will include blog posts from Atlassians sharing their initial experiences using Confluence, webinars with practical advice, and more.

We want Confluence to be your go-to tool for organizing, creating, and discussing work. We hope Confluence 101 will help build the foundation that makes your experience awesome.

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Introducing Confluence 101: The first step to gett...